Katane Newspaper #1

Joseph Nieves

Katane Newspaper

By Joseph Nieves and R.H.Stogus

Issue 1: 6/31/18

Table of Contents
1.Top 10
2. Interviews
3. War Stats and News
4. Map Stuff
5. Memes

Welcome to the first issue of the Katane Newspaper written by Joseph Nieves, Lady De Carla and R.H Stogus. Today, we’re going to cover what is going on in this world. Expect interesting wars and other information.

Without further ado, let’s get to it!

The settings for the world are:
World Speed 3
Unit Speed 2
Trade Speed 2
Morale: Active
Alliance Cap 40
Beginner's Protection 5 Days
Night Bonus: None
City Foundation Time 12 Hours

TOP 10 Alliances
Courtesy of R.H. Stogus
  1. - LEX --Currently the number 1 alliance in the world. It is heavily based on the O44/O54 border with a few cities located in the other two oceans. This alliance has proven to be quite formidable despite it’s relatively large member count.
  2. Young Guns - A tightly knit group of players who named themselves after realizing that most of them are close in age. Grouped tightly in O54, they are the second largest alliance. Though small in size, they make it up for large number of cities and ok leadership.
  3. - LEX - North Stars- See - LEX -
  4. Sons of Zeus- Located in oceans 45 and 55 with most of the cities near the center of the world. This alliance has some solid players but like LEX has quite a bit of fat to remove. They have not fared well against LEX so far, losing 16-0 against them.
  5. From Hell - See Sons of Zeus.
  6. Profi - A darkhorse. This alliance is relatively small but really tight location wise and has a really high average. They are a force to be reckoned with.
  7. when pigs fly- An alliance that joined in late but has a pretty decent roster from Gela. Based in the middle of O55, their cities seem to form 3 separate but close clusters of cities. We’ll have to see how it’ll play out.
  8. Veterans of Chaos-An alliance focused in O45 with some in O44. They seem to be struggling against some of the other alliances.
  9. Bacon United- See when pigs fly.
  10. Virulent- An alliance with cities in O45. Seem to play quite a few worlds with each other, but aren’t in the top tier of alliances.

War Stats

- LEX - and - LEX - North Stars vs Sons of Zeus and From Hell


Young Guns vs - LEX - and - LEX - North Stars

Young Guns vs Veterans of Chaos

- LEX - and - LEX - North Stars vs Veterans of Chaos

Profi vs Sons of Zeus and From Hell

Plague Doctors vs -Lex North Stars


Interview with Lady De Carla, founder and CEO of - Lex -
Cachet: What are your thoughts on the world so far?

Lady De Carla: It's clear that things are shaping up differently than most predicted. There are quite a few talented players on Katane; and so I think we are seeing everything will rise or fall based on strong, steady leadership.

Cachet: Your alliance is at war on multiple fronts, fighting Young Guns and the Sons of Zeus branches. Have there been any challenges so far with fighting on multiple fronts?

Lady De Carla: Not really. In fact, I think having so many enemies helped us. Since day 1, leadership decided strongly against pacts/naps. This led to some challenges, but I think my team grew because of the adversity. We've become a closer team, our bp rank is the highest on Katane, and quite frankly we are having a blast :)

Countless siege breaks & snipes later...the lions share of our losses have been IAs we would have internalized anyway.

Cachet: What in your opinion makes a good alliance?

Lady De Carla: Good question ;) Some elements of a "good" alliance are humility(players must put one another first), staying steady, clear communication, smart & selfless leadership, a vision bigger than "winning a crown", and simple systems. It's also huge that people get plugged in where they can use their God-given gifts.

Cachet: Do you think having an event so early in the world has helped or hurt your team?

Lady De Carla: Helped and hurt. Of course, early events stunt city growth, affect the gold market, and make holding a lot of cqs impossible. But, quite frankly, because we have more members. We have a ton of fliers and can really maximize our 40% bp buff.

So, probably helped us accumulate bps/city slots faster than most of our competitors will be able to.

Interview with JoesphGuy, famous for taking a city while a person was in the ER
Lady De Carla: What are your thoughts on the world so far?

JoesphGuy: It's been pretty fun so far. First U.S. world I have played in about 2 years, and I find it still is quite fun to play. Wish there were more players in the world overall though.

Lady De Carla: How do you think your wars are going? It seems that you are pretty focused on fighting LEX.

JoesphGuy: I would say that they have been going fairly well, though the event makes it difficult to actually hold most sieges. Reason for focusing on LEX is fairly simple though. Only real challenge in our area. For lots of the cities around us, we need little help, and lots of times, our players can just solo the cities. Lex has the numbers to make it much more difficult to do that.

Lady De Carla: What in your opinion makes a good alliance?

JoesphGuy: Intelligent leadership, Intelligent players who are active, and a strong chemistry between the player as well. Without the first, nothing gets done. Without the second, you can't expand or grow. And without the third, the alliance will break apart after some time due to internal conflicts.

Lady De Carla: Many people predict YG will fall apart once your members go off to college. With that said, what do you think it will take for young guns to win long term? And what challenges do you expect to face?

JoesphGuy: I don't really see any change between now and college. Even if quite a few of us are under 21, there are still plenty of us who aren't. Also, most of us work jobs, so if anything, it will give us more free time to play Grepolis. To win long term? We will need to stay dedicated. If we start slacking off, and not playing as much, we will run into a wall. I think we will most likely run into problems with both - LEX -, due to sheer size and the quality players they have on top of the alliance, and Profi, due to the high quality of all of their players.

Zeeker is the Best Collapses
Lasting a solid 76 minutes, there are few alliances that have impacted this world as much. It was made after one player's ambitious attempt to get into the - Lex - spy program. He was put through several tests and this was the biggest of them all. In that short time, many players reached out looking for invites or making other demands. In the end, it was the trickery of Lady Mad that killed the alliance.

23 minutes into making the greatest alliance the world had ever seen, Lady Mad wanted to make it even better. She said that if the name was edited ever so slightly to "Lady Mad is the Best" that she would join the team. Now I don't know many things, but one thing I do know is never to mess with a Mad Lady. So I changed it. As luck would have it, this was just another test for the spy program...and I had just failed. I betrayed Zeeker's trust and it all went downhill from there.

Things hit rock bottom a few minutes later, after receiving an invite from Young Guns. I didn't make the cut for the spy program and now I spend the rest of my days without a place to call home :(

World Map

Tavern Rumors

LEX is merging their best players into the main alliance and putting the more incompetent players into their other alliance.
Profi seems to be losing players due to inactivity
god bruche ghosted suddenly.
Profi is a Russian alliance seeking to be the winner of the world.
SgtSeeker is our secret ghostwriter and we take all his credit.

Please comment below what you think about the paper or about the world in general. If you have any information about merges, wars, drama etc PM Joseph Nieves (Cachet ingame), Lady De Carla, or Scipio Africanus I (R.H.Stogus ingame). It says June 31st because I promised the issue would be released in June...I do know there are only 30 days in the month but think about it. Some time zones might still be in June 30th so it isn’t late ;)
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good read! Kinda short though, I didnt finish my bowl of cereal while I was reading it.... sad day

*edit: it was a big bowl of cereal
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Joseph Nieves

Hmm this is awkward I didn't reserve a post earlier...Ok well here is this Issue's meme section, courtesy of Stogus:

Grepolis Memes

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Grepo Mauler

Thumbs up! Good read, good knowledge and well written.

However please note....

My catch phrase is Trademarked. "Maul the BEST!" etc... Anymore attempts falsely claiming to be "The Best" will receive costly fines and many attacks.

Best regards,
Maul the BEST!
Also as a disclaimer, even though both authors have been/once been in Young Guns, we will try our best to keep it as unbiased as possible. See you in issue 2!


Also as a disclaimer, even though both authors have been/once been in Young Guns, we will try our best to keep it as unbiased as possible. See you in issue 2!
Didnt Lady de Carla help out though? I think 2 YG members + a LEX founder balances out the bias a bit lol
EDIT from yesterday's post:
Lady did an amazing job on the interview.

Joseph did 1 interview, one story, a little bit of war stats, and war map.
Lady did interview
I did the most of the war stats, tavern rumors, memes, top 10.