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Dear members and spineless "Leaders"(At least, that's what I hear they are called over there) of Empyrean

I would like to offer my condolences for your apparent unsuccessful attempts to be a quality alliance on this server. We have been thoroughly impressed by the inability of your leadership to do anything of note on the server, and we hope that these dark times will pass, and new people will emerge as leaders soon enough. For those of you not convinced at how bad your leadership(Hi biohazardous and Austinmorris) really is? Below is a list of just some of their failings, and the failings of your alliance based on their inability to accomplish anything.

First on your list of failings is the apparent fact that one of your cities has apparently been taken by the failure of an alliance "Dojo of Honor", not to mention one of your members rimmed by us. On behalf of myself and the other members of G.O.A.T., I would like to assure you that these rimmings are NOT temporary. Our leadership has a plan to deal with you. For example, take the person who got rimmed that you can find near the bottom of your alliance list, [player]Kadarian[/player], or for bonus points one of your members that we also rimmed even though they weren't in your alliance at the time, [player]callen60[/player]. Hopefully you can find it in your hearts to forgive your leadership for wasting your time, effort, and gold this game though.

Here are some reviews on said leader's actions!




With the amount of idiocy your leadership has, I'm not surprised they didn't think this through


Oh boy, did you find it!!


(And that's just the beginning)

I wonder what other ways your leaders will strive to win a war through propaganda and politics instead of actually being able to defend their own members or even dream of a successful attack in the game itself? I mean seriously, lying and taking out of context statements and expecting them to actually have any effect other than letting us know you have a spy in our alliance(Looking at your Austinmorris)? Great way to look weak and foolish!

Well members of Empyrean, it seems you have some thinking to do about where you place your trust. Better yet, where your leadership does so, because they clearly don't trust you to actually be able to win through normal means if they're resorting to underhanded tactics less than a week into the server. Until the next issue, I leave you with some advice:

-Find new leaders, your current ones suck.

-You're probably better off leaving now and joining Dojo of Honor or whatever other small alliance if you can't. At least their leaders are nonfactors instead of actively hampering you.

Next issue: Your decrease in ranking and city count as they all get wiped out due to your leader's actions!

Until next time,

Your Not-so-friendly Neighbors.

P.S. Don't get mad, remember: