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Hello! I finally figured out that I was automatically put into English servers for years. I've been playing with most of my allies half way across the world. No wonder I've always had a hard time participating with my alliance and getting support timed. As I was also on the English forums, I am wondering if anyone knows if there is a new world coming in a few days at the new month? I know the English servers seem to get a new world every month like clockwork and they had posted a new one was coming at the new month but is that the case with US Servers? Im wanting to know if its worth my time to wait around for a new US World or just go with the new EN world?


Yup US servers generally release once every 30-40 days so I would say it is likely that we get one with in the next two weeks. As for whether to wait for the US server to open up, there are probably a lot of other factors you might want to consider. I haven't played EN before so I can't compare, but there are somethings you might want to consider:

1. Lower player population
2. (potential) Night bonus
3. Most servers are dominated by groups of veterans (often premades)
4. Some servers are almost dead on arrival (see the posts surrounding settings and lack of advertising for US101)

Not to discourage you from playing here, I've had a great time playing on US servers the past few years and met a lot of awesome people, but you should probably be aware of those things before going in.


Hey thanks for the info. Yea I've been playing on multiple EN servers. That's a problem in all the servers I have been in, the one I most recently joined about 3 weeks after the world started has a clear group that will dominate. You may or may not be familiar but we have Real Cold Cuddles with the top two alliances as sister alliances, True Fear is 3rd and they have a pact. Then you have in 4th and 5th Error 404/Error 418. All of them are essentially playing together to wipe out the smaller alliances.


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Welcome to US servers @jgeisler98!

I would underline everything that @hnuisqt said, but a bit harshly. Yes you will find some great people on US worlds and you'll probably have better chances to compete for the crown if you get into the right crowd but you will find less resistance since there are 2 groups at most that are fighting for the win. On EN worlds there are multiple competitors, which was the case on US like 5 years ago.

It goes like this - whenever a world starts there are 4-5 groups that could promise a decent fight. Right after BP ends, stronger groups will devour weaker ones and in week 2 you'll end up seeing only 2 groups remaining. At the end of the first month, one group will prevail and win the world months before it ends. Just take a look at Grepodata or Grepolife on last 5-6 worlds that are still open, you'll see one dominant group on each world.

If you don't win this time, you can win the next world. It's how it goes. Honestly more and more people are looking towards EN worlds because the competition is what we seek. After winning several worlds in a 2nd gear we are all pretty much fed up.

I might be wrong on this but it appears that Inno doesn't care about US servers and we are not bringing that much money to them as we think. This branch might be terminated and from what I can see in past several years - it looks like they are doing just that. We don't have a strong community and we don't have a say in pretty much anything that happens on these worlds. For example, if we want revolt world - CQ will appear, and vice versa.

I have more inactive & retired players on my Discord/Skype list than active ones. Whenever I tell them about new worlds they are just not interested about wasting their time seeing all the things I said above all over again. However, I never advertised EN worlds to them before... That might be another thing. Let's face it, EN worlds are paying for their salaries and US worlds are like an allowance to spend on your vacation.

After my unsuccessful attempt to make an impact here, I personally gave up. I saw no other players trying to step up, most of them are silent and are approving your acts through "likes", while the other ones are trying to drag you down into the mud. You'll see both of these groups right after this post... I know they're coming lol.