Join the Lakota Warriors


I founded the Lakota Warriors Alliance to honor my ancestors, the Lakota people and I want to be the guardian of my own world in Grepolis.
I believe in honesty and integrity without wars, and will support anyone who wishes to be my friend. I will never declare war on my friends but will support them to the death.
Become my friend and enjoy peace with support for all your members and embrace the Lakota Warriors as your brothers in Grepolis, and we will stand united in defense of all your members.
When the dark knights of aggression dare to rise from the sea and attack our friends - they will encounter the thunder of the Lakota Warriors!
I truly believe honor is the pinnacle of life and I hope you will not take this wrong, but I must remain the Founder and Leader of the Lakota Warriors.
I will never wage war upon a friend and I sincerely hope you will become my friend and accept me as I am ... just an old Butch in a mans world.
To join the Lakota Warriors simply send your request to VLynn, Founder and Leader.
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