JKA vs. Haze


Haze has painted *J.K.A*'s flags red, after several attacks from JKA, Founder of Haze went on to approach Killacharger to calmly distinguish the situation, But was instantly insulted.


ShreftyThred stated earlier

"I dont think this world is big enough for Killachargers head"

So far no official attacks have been sent, but we will keep you posted.

Kill Count:

Haze: 12 / 0 :JKA​
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Pfft. You should see some the insults I get on here. Pretty sure hitler has come up once or twice ;P


This just in!! several JKA members have left due to killacharger being to immature. Haze has now picked up a few recruits cities have been tallies!

Adrenaline Monster

We have taken out 2 of their top players this week after Killacharger was attacking our small guys every damn morning. Crazy Nut and Sanucrezi82 are now done. Legs Wide Open is banned. Killacharger is left standing on his own with 2 alliances chomping at the bits to smack him haha. This coming up week he will be toasted as well. Nom nom KC!