Its Time To Consolidate Servers

I've been involved in the US community since 2013. I've watched it grow and early on, put a lot of effort into helping it grow. I've also watched it die going from a server that had tens of thousands of players on it, to high thousands, to low thousands, to low hundreds. At this point, half the posts in the forum or on the world chat discords are about how the server is dead now. With a lot of the top players or teams having quit or relocated to EN. Now I get that people like their community, but its time to combine all of the servers. Because frankly, if this doesn't happen, its over. The US will shut down, probably sooner rather than later at this rate. What I'm proposing saves the community, achievements, bonuses, gold, etc. By transferring it to an international server. This will improve the overall maps by having larger servers, increase the competition level, and create multi-dimensional worlds instead of the one-dimensional world that you see in most worlds now a days.

How It Would Work:
  • Inno releases international worlds only from now on.
  • Each account on every server receives a link in their email to register on an international server. Their gold, awards, greposcore, world winners bonuses, etc, transfer over.
  • Add the option to select your in game language settings.
  • World releases would be shifted to every 3-4 weeks instead of every 4-6 weeks. Adjusted based on demand of course.
  • Each server's forum stays active so information can still be communicated in their language and they could discuss issues in their language.
  • Night Bonus would be deactivated.
Pretty simple stuff. It'd consolidate the player base into one server and would be a massive upgrade over what we have now. More players would be inclined to stick around as its a change of pace and new competition facing off. Rather than having the same handful of teams in the more populated servers and the one dominant team in the smaller servers. The larger maps would allow for more game play options such as late starts, different routes for expansion, better opportunities for new players, etc. Maybe its not the perfect solution, but it definitely beats the current direction of Grep right now.

Feel free to add anything on. But this concept is something that needs to happen and needs to happen before the year is out.

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The Commish

I like the concept but the time differences of the international community require most players to dedicate playing times all hours of the day & night. As much as I love the game..getting attacked at 4:00am on a workday all week long is not fun.
I like the concept but the time differences of the international community require most players to dedicate playing times all hours of the day & night. As much as I love the game..getting attacked at 4:00am on a workday all week long is not fun.
That already happens a lot though in US servers. Lots of EN, Russian, etc teams have come here to play in the past. Half the EN server, maybe more, are north American based players. You can also avoid high competition fronts. Which is what I did when I was working on political campaigns last year.

The Commish

Thinking out loud here....How about a flexible button to activate a form of vacation mode for a max of 6 hours per day. I could play on an international server and activate sleep mode for 6 hours each day to avoid being attacked in the middle of the night and the international players could do the same to get some shut eye.
Personally I think that would get messy. People could just swap cities and then activate the six hours so that it just shuts down frontline movements during peak hours for the other team(s).

Speaking from En, people don’t always go full aggression in your off times now. They’ll normally either lock a CS to clears/support while you’re online or one ping you with a Cs with pre-timed support. That was more the game on En132 than just raw aggression in somebody’s off hours.


Senior Citizen
This sounds like a good idea..I've been trying to get the motivation to play again, but..the worlds I've popped in to have just been missing that old drive.

Your Knightmare

To those who haven't played the EN server or maybe not played it much, there are a lot of US/Canada players on the server. Back when I played the EN server was my go to server but I'm sure that's because there wasn't a US server back when I started. The EN server is also way more active (forums) than these forums. I do agree the 2 servers probably need consolidated, even the EN server is dead compared to what it once was.


I like the idea. But I do agree with Commish. Maybe do international servers with night bonus set at different times. So people can pick and choose which worlds to join. I dunno. That would probably be the same difference as having different servers. I remember back in the day this game REALLY ticked my wife off. Lmao. Frigging attack alarms.


I really do like that idea. Just make it so it is on every night and have it so they can change the times once a month. Then make it so the enemy knows they are in NB before they attack, like how the current system is. That way they can only abuse it once a month and would not punish the players that actual want to change their times.