It's pretty quiet . . .


If you take a pack of the best players in grepolis, and put them against 7 or 8 alliances of decent and garbage players, well yeah no kidding they are gonna win
LoL Group hug and Huggie bears are as bad as any of the pacts. They are working with clowns and nighty nights also. Our original main alliance had no intention of having a bunch of pacts but the multiple pacts against us made it impossible to play that way.


Sorry but your wrong, It was just Group Hug then Huggie bears. We noticed you guys were looking for pacts so we pacted KC, we haven't been pacted with anyone else even after you guys picked up the rest of the server and KC fell apart. Please do not make me lose any respect I had for you because you want to spread false information because you lost. Even then KC was very helpful many times and a heavy burden when all that drama was going on but we stuck with them because thats what you do. How many pacts did you guys drop and betray?
OK so it must be KC with them then. Either way, you can believe what you want but we did not in fact pact with the rest of the server and we still are not pacted with many alliances. It was only the 2 sisters working together until you started working with KC. Yeah we had several requests. Our biggest problem was that several of our big players went into VM at the same time do to RL issues including our leader H3ll-Hunter.