Its Official


Picnic Bunnies have won Troy after just six short months. We are the best attackers, defenders, all around fighters, and now the best at simming too.

Good job to the Picnic Bunnies on their awesome job and show of dominance from start to finish on this world. From the early wars with Voodoo and Cerberus. To the later wars with the VII/Chigs/TBC coalition. I also wanted to thank our recently found friends Viking Bunnies, Offensive Language, and Pirate Misfit Scoundrels. We couldn't have done it without everyone.

To our enemies, it was a great fight and effort for the most part, especially once the coalition got established. Glad to have faced off against you all.

I'm also excited to announce that this won't be the end. Keep an eye out for Picnic Bunnies 2.0
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GG Smilo, is this your 2nd, 3rd or 4th Crown? Everything kind of fell through after we lost both our wonders to you guys one of them just a couple hours behind.