Is Kas done ... already?


I hate to say it because so many things can happen in Grep but it seems that people are quitting left and right. Pretty big ones too.

Yes, 1st Galactic .... is by far the players with the best coordination and deepest pockets in this world but I have seen some people just quit who also spend lots of gold and still feel like this sucker is done.

I'm late to the party but figured it would be fun to hammer stuff for a bit until the next revolt world opens and who knows maybe this world will turn a bit more competitive.

Curious if people feel the same way or feel differently. Feel free to respond as your opinion is all yours.



Perhaps you are right on the "deepest pockets" part. IDK to be honest. We certainly had some serious gold spenders on our team but many of them have simply quit lol. You guys are not winning because your spending more gold. You are winning because you have played better and are willing to spend gold if needed.

I think the answer to my question is clear though. Yes this world seems to be dead. I cannot see a scenario that your team doesn't win at this point so well done.


Can't call it 2 months before Dom circle even begins...the world itself is only 2.5 months in. Think back to 2 months ago. You still had a city on one of our now core islands I believe. That was a long time ago. A lot can change in that span...don't discredit yourself or your allies. You are good players and still have some heavy golders in your lineup. Worst mistake we could make at this point would be not taking you seriously.