Is it supposed to be this way?


Hello forumgoers, and especially in-game moderators,

I have a question regarding the upcomming Christmas peace time.

I fully understand that we are not allowed to attack anyone during the peace time, can't land Cships during the peace time, and anything considered as an attack is not allowed during the peace time.

However, me and someone from my alliance figured that we could pull off one last conquest attempt before the peace time would hit, granting us some time to rebuild the losses we'd take, and having a city we could support whilst it was unattackable.

My alliance member, however, got a notification that he missed the window by 4 hours and was not allowed to send his Cship - we noticed this after I had already sent a couple of attacks, and couldn't pull them back. His Cship only had a 1:48:00 traveltime, and was scheduled to arrive today around 22:57:30. As you can all see, this is not during peace time, since that doesn't take effect untill tomorrow 18:00.

If the server we were playing would've been a 1x speed world, I would be able to understand: that way, the conquest would end tomorrow 22:57:30, which would be during peacetime, thus not allowed. However, it is a 2x speed world: The conquest would've ended by 10:57:30 tomorrow morning, way before peace time would kick in.

Now, I am wondering, why? If peace time is set to take effect at a certain point, why aren't we allowed to send our conquests out that would end way before it would kick in? Am I missing something here, is this a bug, did I misinterpret the concept 'peace time'?

I'd like to hear a clear and definitive answer to this question; a little more than "Oh well, bummer, sucks for you" would be nice, too. I've heard complaints about the exact same thing happening to some of my alliance members during the Thanksgiving peace time as well; not allowed to send a conquest that would end way before peace time would kick in.

And for the record, I am talking about world 'Xi' here.


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No CS can land in the 24 hrs preceding the peace time. It was specifically stated in the announcement. It is not a bug, it was done intentionally.

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No CS can land in the 24 hrs preceding the peace time. It was specifically stated in the announcement. It is not a bug, it was done intentionally.
What time zone is the 18:00 so I can plan my stuff? I am set to New York -5 .


Yeah its EST New York -5.

Also question for mods: Why wasn't it made that you couldn't send CS's 12 hours before on speed 2 and 8 hours before on speed 3? Was that not possible to do? Would it be too big of a change for it to happen instantaneously? If it was possible to do, why was it not done?


I'm not sure why, but there are some things that are the same for all world speeds, like when you found a city it takes 24 Horus no matter what