Is everybody in this world in a Pact NAP pact pact NAP NAP......


If in their alliance page that is for everyone to see, They could put who they are at war with. remember the saying the enemy of my enemy is my friend.It would help newer players and the alliance that that the attacker is against.
they could but the downside of revealing their hands is larger. you don't go to Vegas, sit at a poker table, and announce "I'm new so can we play with our cards face up?". LOL I would be shocked if anyone was loose enough to reveal who their pacts and enemies are.

Omar Stone

Well i would not show my pacts but would show my enemies so if anyone else was also fighting them we could work together.In another world witch you know well. I was attacked 3 time by an entire alliance on the third time another alliance came to my aide and filled my city with bir's,It save me and my first city and got them a ton of bp that they needed. Later i joined them.


the question is Meowican, who have you pi**** off with your double talk? You are not to be trusted and the ones who matter know it. You are not long for this world my your way out of that.

Pacts and Naps are part of the helps establish board position and long term allies(not for you one night standers)...why make such a big deal of it? If your in game spies are that bad that you have to come scratching the externals for info then I truly wish you good are way behind the curve.


Biggest thing in this world is that the Gods and Vortex became one. Arguably now the biggest force to be reckoned with in Sparta.

I am sure you will be back in the top 100 again, good to see you back.



This world is turning into a joke. On one side you have Matters/DW and god knows who else working together and you have the Vortex group of what? 5-6 alliances and even though they are both by far the largest alliances on the server, they chose to ignore the other. Absolutely ridiculous.


I get your point clb and agree. I just thought that it's never good to let things get out of hand either.

I am sure your leadership is looking out for the best for the group.


I am still very new to being a diplomat but most alliances want to stay the course and be there own and they should at least till the WW stage of the game. That being said I hold firmly to having a few good friends in a Pact. Though like I said, still try to do the best I can with what I know.