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So it looks like I will be making the second pre-made alliance here. I wish the Patriots luck :)


About Me
It's been my experience that a lot of founders will say they have leadership experience (and indeed may have) and do an outstanding job just to fall very short of even minimum expectations for a variety of reasons (less activity, style better suited for diff world settings, etc...) So I won't bore you with my grepolis resume, in fact this is a brand new account on the US servers with a brand new name. All I will say about myself is that I have played grepolis for over two years and whilst I enjoy anonymity my play and leadership in game will speak for itself.

About Alliance
Immortale is from the Latin word "Immortalis/Immortale" and literally means "The Immortals". This will embody that sentiment. We will be extremely aggressive and in the rare event that we do lose a battle, we will endure. If you are not joining with the intent of reaching endgame than this is not the alliance for you!!!

This alliance will start in the SW direction and a link to join will be posted asap.

Forums will not be open till later this evening or early tomorrow morning

Looking for mostly experienced and ACTIVE players however I am willing to take on new players as long as you can keep up. Skype will be required for all leaders initially. As we expand all members will be required to use a communication tool (TBD at a later date) like skype outside of the game.

I'm all about alliance activity and don't care how many points you have if you are not contributing to the alliance you are hurting it and will be removed.

Initial Positions Available
Recruiter- 1 position available
Forum Mods- 2 positions available
Leaders- 2 positions available

That's all I will say for now. For invite mail me or designated recruiter with a detailed message as to why you want to join. All one liners such as (invite me please) will be ignored.

See you soon!!!

Link to join
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