Illumination- We are illuminati



We are a group of freethinkers and active players! Though we are few, we are the ones that mastermind events and control world affairs. Join us and rise to the top of this world, or fall when we choose it. The choice is yours.

"The Illuminati have characterized themselves as wolves among sheep. They are proud of this self-description and they hold to it. Predators stalk their prey. They do not simply move in and take the kill."

Alliance Details:
Government type:
Variable - We will take whichever form of government is suitable to our current situation, this WILL vary between Autocracy, Communism, Fascism.

There is no experience limit to recruitment. New recruits must be team players, who have an open mind to strategy and remain loyal to the alliance. They must be happy to accept all forms of government mentioned above.

We do not require players to be online 24/7 as we realize people have real lives, however we do request that you be available to be online at any given point at least once a week. If you have set log-on times, then this alliance isn't for you.

We reserve the right to maintain our in-actives for internal conquests.



We will only take a maximum of 2 allies, in mutually beneficial agreements. We reserve the right to 4 types of agreements:

NAP - whatever this actually means
MDP - A defensive policy that does not involve attacking mutual enemies.
Allied - conventional but only 1 of these
MAP - An aggressive policy that is automatically dissolved at demise of the agreed enemy. A refugee contract MUST be drawn into the original agreement.


Please join me on a quest for the crown and you wont be let down. I am in search of members some of which could become council and help to mold this world as we see fit. Please message me in game to talk membership or pacts


Well written and thought out! question is can you back up what you've stated? I Don't know anything concerning us 16 but from past experience i know anyone that has to excentsivly advertise on the forums to recruit players.. I'ts USUALLY a dead give away the alliance is filled and ran by noobs.

Usually your experiencing speaks it self people will follow you if you're a good leader!! trust me it's much better to let others brag about you then you do it yourself
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Thank you for the kind words. Just letting the players of this world know that I am here and the door is open. You are free to think what you like about me. If you say I am a noob then it must be so as you are a self proclaimed King ? Right? Would I be correct to assume that you are the king of nothing but maybe your pc chair? That is going off of your ASumption that I am a noob due to the fact that I used the external forum thread on alliances to post my alliance as for bragging not sure I did just let people know what I bring to the table. Bragging IMO would be to call yourself a king or something to that extent while knowing even in the old days of kings and queens you would of been my stableboy or moat cleaner :) thanks for stopping by and next time if you dont have anything nice to say like your mom says dont say anything at all.