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1. someone mentioned before about the crazy nature of some strategies of multi attacking some attacking is fine and dandy but 40+. Its unethical and not exactly playing fair. Some use this and taunting in msg to basially chase someone from a world and divy up the spoils. 40 plus attacks most of them same town at least 30 min a part can drag a connection down
2. Grepo needs to fix the merchant in game error....will not send goods between your own estates over certain length some times it wont go beyond an hour or two.
3. Need a way to really report what is a phenom which is cyberbullying. many game developers do this.
4 if someones problem or glitches interfere with the game then something has to be done to compensate while its being fixed
5. so many attacks at one person could mean a cool down of hostilities. in some games ingame competitions during an event they do just that have a event where you have to ese off to get more reward.
Mafia wars has done that when it was active.
6. if someone going into VM they should not be attacked when they cant attack
and limit exposure on who knows when. people can use that to their advantage since people are sitting ducks mind u
7. during grepo events no attacks unless its a mission


1.) Welcome to war.
2.) No comment
3.) No comment
4.) Eh.. it's a free game. Sure people spend money but come on now glitches happen .. what kind of compensation are you speaking of.
5.) See number one.
6.) The 24 hour period after enabling VM is to prevent abuse of the system. If no one can attack me right after hitting VM than hell if all of my cities where revolted during an op on me might as well hit VM before CSs get launched right? Cause they can't attack than. No sorry.. the current VM settings in that aspect make sense to me
7.) See number one.


Maybe you should try the world "Hyperborea".:cool:

Like he said, "Welcome to war".


1. The problem is ill give. An example you put in 1000 wood 1 day before so you are 3 hours from that town. You can not accept in the merchant sending that city saying its to far but you can send outside in transfer that way that 1k wood.
2. Attakcs in grepo when you have extreme amounts causes lag. This is done to force folks to leave a server and then the ghosts can be divied up along with messanging.
3. In a event like this it could be unfair because it would give someone an advantage if they were in a group. Basically you could destroy walls and men which will put a group behind in a event like grepolympia


On an older PC you will get more lag.. Try and update your PC RAM or trade in the old one for a newer one.

Also try and refresh more often and do not open the overviews window anymore than you have to. When you have a 100+ attacks going out or coming in, along with support waves, just opening the overview window can eat up a lot of memory. Keep it closed and refresh browser more often. Also, try deleting all your browser Temp files and such. You should do this every few days or at least once a week depending on how much you are online. When I send out over 100 attacks, it always lags my PC, so this happens on the attackers end also. A newer PC with lots of RAM and processing power works much better. Its the only cure for grepolis lag of this type.

Fact is, Inno will never put a limit on how many attacks can be sent to any one city. For one, it would not be fair to the attacker.
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I heard Inno is sending a PinkFloyd312 patch next month it will make sure no one can attack each other until Hyperborea hits the era of wonders :)


I like the old way of doing the farming villages! Fight for it then use resources to build it up. For some of the smaller players those BP are just too hard to come by, and then they have to choose whether to use them to grow their town using them for the resources or turn them into CP. If you can buy your CP then there is no problem for you. But not all players can. I realize that this is after all war, but I just liked the old way better.


Yeah. Slows things down, especially if you're in an area with lots of smaller players, or people going inactive so there's no units to get BP from. You can at least farm resources to build up. And the 1600 BP that you need to build them out means 5 less VPs to your next slot. Maybe adding BP as an option to build/upgrade the farming villages would have been better.