I see the draft didn't work

Grepo Mauler

I'm guessing the 8 year olds messed it up?

Sister alliances, no one sided teams (Admins are in the biggest alliance with sister alliances), Also "Admins" where supposed to step down if they were playing world so things would not be one sided and rules that they "Pretend to protect and hold up" not followed. Im sure they will blame someone else for their lack of charisma, follow through and most importantly inability to act like adults. You messed up something that could have been great. Great job!:oops:

To those that wanted it to work, you have my sincere apologizes.

Glad im done with this game.


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Our savior has resurrected. How have you been Mako, I mean, Jeremy, I mean YourReckoning, I mean Maul. Oh wait I talked to you yesterday I know how you have been. Any final words before Grepo Mauler dies and Mako lives on? Or was that your last message? Anyways have fun in retirement, you have gotten your wish of leaving your legacy on this game before your retirement but I don’t think it’s the legacy you want to be remembered by. Maybe you can redeem yourself with Mako or maybe everything will be the same. I guess only time will tell


You sure seem to be quite invested in the game still for being in "retirement". Love to see banter but I guess whining works too lol

Grepo Mauler

Still invested in tha game? LMFAO I worked hard setting this draft up. Just to get 3 kids that are to busy making out with each other to take over and ruin it for everyone else. Notice they have the biggest alliance. With a sister alliance (was NOT supposed be any sister alliances). From what ive been told they blame Celt. Yet from what i seen on intel Celt started in the ocean he picked. With the people he picked. And i dont see Chris (Jcoo) in sight. Meanwhile The "Admins" Have a super alliance with people in the alliance not drafted by them. Doesn't take much to find another leader or founder and get things rolling again. However Cachet and others decided to muck it up for all and help themselves.

Also.... Sgt Seeker.... you and gribbe your not good enough to talk in a thread created by me. Please move on.

However you haters are inching me closer to coming back. Im sure everyone would like 52 Myth nukes shoved down their throat from Maul the best.
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If were shoving myths down ppls throats cant we at least make it fifty-TREE.... oops is that a hint?


I wasn't part of the draft but I saw the rules and agree it wasn't followed. Im just confused if you worked on it why didn't you see it through with the rest of them? And yes I'm sure you're better at clicking and spending more time on your laptop then me :D

Just enjoy the banter mate, I wish the draft worked out too, would've been awesome to see!


lol i knew the draft wasnt going to work everyone wants to hold hands because they dont want to attack a friend. 4 days into the world they had sister alliances. they want to complain people hug it out but they do the most hugging :rolleyes:
I wouldn't say messed up but definitely not how it was supposed to go, it was a noble effort if done again perhaps things will be done better and mistakes learned... No one had the balls to say anything about the process till i did, a vet of this game i see every angle every shady tactic there has been.
All this said we will see how the world turns out should be interesting to say the least..
Good luck to All

PS.... Maul just loves attention ignore and he goes away...

Joseph Nieves

It must be nice to live in a world by yourself. Maul you are so out of touch with reality. Keep raging on, makes for a good show.


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As much as I have always found Mauler to be an obnoxious troll, he isn't wrong. (On one memorable occasion he was in an alliance with me, didn't like how he wasn't the certain of attention, threw a hissy fit, fled out to his own area took like 8 cities all clustered together, golded them all up, trash talking the whole time, then about 72 hours later the alliance dropped the hammer on him and he was annihilated within 24 hours.) Ahh memories.

Anyways. If the point was a single alliance with no sister pacts, then you needed to stop drafting at 40 people per alliance, and tell the rest "sorry, but we are full". I am sure you could have found 3 or 4 more leader types that could draft more teams. Now the bloat is ridiculous. Not only do the major alliances have rules about taking cities outside of their areas, but MM, just added on a 3rd alliance. Because apparently 80 people wasn't enough. It is the same thing every time. The top alliances recruit the best of the weaker alliances, keep adding on sister alliances because of space limitations, and recruit as many P2W types as they can. Most never really get good at the game, because it is never a challenge. You are always a top alliance, you recruit half the people that could slow you down, and pay real money to compensate for your lack of skill.

Personally, I farm gold. I see "winning" not as actually winning, but as wreaking economic havoc on my enemies, then selling them the resources to rebuild. I am not here to cruise to an undeserved victory on the power of my wallet, but to chortle in the corner as I sell another 1k gold worth of resources to the very people I just clobbered. I win every day I turn a profit, you P2W players only get to win at the end of the game.
LOL get a clue No 3rd alliance was added BadIdeas stick to farming gold because obviously you do not know what is going on. As far as 2nd alliances being added that went out the door once the whole thing broke down. Again you were not in the inner workings of this process like i was and others..


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Is this where I snicker at your response? I see the alliance in question removed their pact off their alliance page, but I had checked with one of your members who initially said they were bluffing then came back and told me that you guys had in fact pacted a brand new alliance. I don't have to be part of the inner workings to know you failed, and since then have thrown it all out the window. You guys also seem to love inefficient BP ratios. I consider it a bad exchange if I get worse than a 2 to 1 BP gain against you guys. Got some -20 luck, so it has happened, but most of the time I get quality BP farming off from your members. I just picked another 1k or so in the last hour.