PnP How to misrepresent an alliance 101.

Totally not RT

So today I get an email from a player In ARD.

For the record I have never spoken to him/her before this. But from our conversation so far, all I can say is this person is an absolute joy (p.s It's just a series of conversation screenies so start from the bottom of each picture and read upwards).

Here are some screenies from a separate thread on here.

Here is the reply from the accused player...

He/she then messages me in a separate thread and I ask him to keep it to just the one (I'm clearly a horrible person).

And then he comes out with this beauty.

The player then blocks me in an attempt to get the last word (thus making them the victor in their own head I'm guessing).


All I can say is if it ever falls within my ability to do so.

I will make sure we are at war until this lovely person is ejected from your alliance.

And I will make sure you are never supported by a member of my alliance.

Plus if you ever run ops on alliances that aren't a 5th your size I will inform them of the day you are doing it regardless of if they are an enemy to us or not.

This kind of behaviour from one of your supposed best is not tolerable in the slightest and quite frankly.



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Padre X

Interesting...he thinks women are stupid...guess his hunt for more will be nil after any read any of these disgusting messages from him.


This is good: from above.

I figured since I am the blame for all his raves right now, I should reply. He did not get me in revolt today as stated above. He has said to me that if he lies, he would quit Grepolis and we could eat his cities. I now challenge -=Sik=- Bigniko to hold true to his word to quit.

For the record also, I am not Achilles D.
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Totally not RT

Classy guy, RT. How is it they always seem to find you? (I wanted to put LMAO here... but then it reminded me of Bigniko... so.. yeah)
No idea bud :/

Half tempted to report him. but I doubt it'd do any good.