How to build flying nukes


Hey guys,

Sry if i translate anything wrong, because i play on the german servers but noone in our forum wanted to answer this question. So i was wondering how to build i nuke of flyers, so mantis etc.
I always try to do it, but because my temple doesnt produce that much favor, it would take me like 10 days to build up a whole nuke. So then i read somewhere that you always have to have 2 Cities, one that farms Favor by attacking, and one that uses the favor to build up the nuke. Nut then theres the next problem. If i use myth units, to steal Favor out of enemy temples, most of the time there are more of them dying, then i would get favor out of it. So i just have no clue how to build up a good favor production, can you please help me?


Couple options, you can get myth tokens from events, which will allow you to fill up your nukes quickly. There's currently a halloween event on all servers that provides a good amount of myth tokens. Otherwise, you can favor farm. Most of the time you want to make sure the city is clear before sending your myths there. You can clear it with OLU and then send your myths. Its easiest to favor farm inactives, unless you're in an alliance. Then you can just farm any extra favor your teammates have that they aren't using and you don't have to worry about losing troops(hopefully).
Myth tokens from events, but you can't really keep up with the event Golders. You can TRY to favor farm, but with gods like Poseidon, that is nearly impossible. Just favor farm the inactive cities on your island, make sure you have the temple looting research.
Hope this helps:)


You can build myths from event tokens but the events are not always running. You can take favor from inactive players but you always run the risk that any factor like Heroes, Walls, Towers or troops in that city could kill your myths. Also you won't always have an inactive player handy to take their favor. Another draw back to getting favor that way is that if you take the favor with a harpy you can only build harpy so if you want to build another myth it is useless. The safest and more flexible way is to do a favor farming island in your alliance. An island in a safe zone with only your alliance members, the city should be set-up as a Bir or L/S city, with no wall, no tower and only troops there are 50 to 100 DE. You need to have favor farming researched on that city. If you need to build Hydras for example you select Poseidon as the God on that city, you see who of your island mates have available favor in their city, make sure that they move their DE out of the way and you attack them. That way you can get favor for every GOD with the same DEs. It takes time to set-up but it is a life saver when you can zeus rage Cats coming at your city a couple of times, or sea storm inbound L/S down to nothing since you have unlimited favor.