How the west was MRA'ed


Folks ‘roud here don’t know about Vigilate, Vigilate II, Vigilate 2, Vigilate III, and vigil…(awe heck, you get the idea) and how they try to keep the peace around these parts of the wild west as they seek to uncover the hideout of the Blue Collar Criminals. It’s a tale that runs longer than a mountain lions tail.

Now Vigilate and her fat sisters had a good handle of the west

until one day someone called their attention to the fact that there were some dastardly villains riding into town.
*Public Service Announcement*

There have been sightings of looting and general bad behavior in your immediate areas. You are advised to lock your doors, shut your windows, and hide your troops.
“There’s bandits in our towns!” Vigilate exclaimed to themselves. “We can’t let this be!”

So the leaders of Vigilate gathered only their closest supporters at the town hall to discuss what they would do about this

At times they would argue

and disagreed

But in the end they decided on a plan

Hang ‘em!!! The Vigilate shouted.

Oh no, what will happen next? Will the Vigilante track down those bad Blue Collar Criminal gang members? Will they make it to their hideout in time to stop them from robbing the town blind? Who will Penelope go to the Sadie Hawkins dance with, and just what is a chupacabra? You’ll just need to keep tuning in to “How the West was MRA’ed” to learn the answers to these questions and more. See you next time folks.
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Hey guys where is everyone? I think Legion should write the final chapter and it should be titled "Merger and VM". Lol

Seems to be exactly what most in BCC did... Join TSF and go VM