History Of Thebes

So as per usual with worlds I play, I like to document the history of the world so everyone can see how much has changed since the start. This thread is meant to be non-biased and based on the information I acquire by using statistics such as Grepointel, Grepolis Maxtrix, and player testimony.

April 4th 2017
Thebes opens its gates Mortis/Mortis. quickly jumps out as the top alliance. Other top alliances include Vendetta, Antiquity, LONGBONE AND ROSE, E.L.F., Spartan Warriors, Ancients, and Hammerdown.

April 8th
Protection ends. Again Mortis establishes itself as dominant. Rumors of a coalition between Hammerdown, Vendetta, and Ancients vs Mortis emerge but no official confirmation has been given. Mortis' main targets appear to be Antiquity and Vendetta based in Ocean 54.

Spartan Warriors would be the second big winner out of BP and quickly put themselves in the drivers seat for O55. They also challenge the Mortis players in this area and spend much of the day killing Mortis biremes for solid BP, though falling short on their CS try.

O44 contains Ancients and Hammerdown, they appeared to be pacted with each other. Not really sure who was left to fight there.

O45 is controlled by E.L.F after LONGBONE's best players appear to have merged into them. Other contenders for O45 include Name Changers (original name) led by Themanthemyththeledent and RocCity.

April 10th

Ancients' founders rage ghost and leave the world. Ancients breaks down and merges into Hammerdown mostly. Though some of the best players come to Mortis, thus giving Mortis a strong hand in O44.


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Love the post.. They say history is written by the victor. It must be you. Good job buddy.


TSF i love the history u document for each grepo world and any updates would b greatly appreciated.Thanks
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