Here be Foxes, An Epic Story of Bravery and Skill

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Today, August 6th, is a very sad day. It is the day Swamp-Fox's city, Here be Foxes, was hit by the terrible tsunami apocalypse that calls itself: Hell Hounds. *shiver shiver* Villages fled when they saw the massive army approach, screaming for there lives! All seemed lost, until the mighty hero Andromeda went up on the hilltop and spoke to the villagers.
She shouted: "We must not surrender to these evil Hell Hounds. We must not give up our fine homes to these savages. Let it be known that we choose to die on our feet rather than become dog food! HERE BE FOXES not DOG FOOD!"
And with that the villagers shouted their approval and rallied together to battle the mighty force. The villagers grabbed whatever they could find and charged at the Hell Hounds to defend their homes. The battle went on for many days and many were lost. But finally the enemy lie dead, and the Radioactive flag was left standing in the pile. The Villagers had won!
Rejoice! Rejoice!

A picture can sometimes be worth a thousand words ;)


I was out golfing lol. Andromeda did a fine job in place :p


Swamp post/add the pic of the one where you stopped the cs with just militia