Hells Army


The King of Hell is back in town, and he's ******. Having been stripped of his powers and banished from his throne, this once and future king claws his way back and begins to assemble a goblin fighting force of extraordinary magnitude. His goal? Cutting a bloody path through the denizens of hell until nothing stands between him and his seat of power.

This is achieved by running around a series of floating islands (hell is floating islands) surrounded by a horde of goblin warriors, spearmen, and mages, each ready to lay down their lives for your pursuit of power.

Wellcome to the;
Army Corps of Hell's Gate

My goal for this world is to make a name for this newly formed alliance.

Together Hells Army will form a force to be feared.

This world will be a test run for how efficient I can get the tribe to become.

I am still looking for leaders.

No experience needed to join.

Be active and skillful or be kicked.

Join Saten and form Hells Army.

Im out to prove myself as a leader.


Mandalorian DeathSquad has similar goals welcome to the new world


Yeah, so do I... in fact I hope it turns out to be a whole bunch of good alliances having an all out, huge WAR!!!! :)


Yeah I just stayed in Tau :p

I turned my alliance Hells Army into an academy of *No FEAR*