The best US server I have ever played on is Phi, an alliance from Ocean 67 Nearly won the world.
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Actions speak louder then words, dont know US server too well as this is our first but im pretty sure Kappa didnt have the best players! many good alliances here. just gotta see who got the most heart to say till the end.

Ghost Pirates!
sorry i didnt specify, but yes best of the us servers, and luckily for you all a few of the other great players are still in heraklion dominating that world as at the time it was supposed to be filled with the best. only a handfull of us went there and within a few months had well in hand. thats the thing i guess about great players they chase the best competition not the newest fresh start,and they stay to see it thru.


I'll give it up to them for sure. The way the attacks went down on my cities, you have to give some respect. Cleared me out and put me in to revolt initially while I was focused on some NFL action. Sadly, couldn't scrounge up much alliance support and the clearing attacks just before the CS were textbook. It was well played. We'll see if our side can muster a legit counter punch or not. That is what really decides wars, the ability to regroup and fight back.


I've poked around here or there for a while, just never had anything to say. Since I got mentioned, figured I speak up a little. I wasn't too happy with losing those cities. 2 in one day, and I've lost only 2 in about 18 months in ETA. Still getting used to working with a new alliance and how guys work/play etc. No doubt that familiarity with your alliance members is a big boost, and I had to give credit for how well that attacks on my cities were organized.


Too much(SW/ASC) vs. barely any(GP/Naf/Guiltypleasures/Vulcan)

Dont even know if vulcan and guilty pleasures are in a coalition with naf and gp.

Havent been keeping track but we are winning.


Pretty sure it was too much to too little. Considering Havoc and Plague disbanded because we were taking too much heat, you can chalk that up to a big fat loss for us. I have to say I was pretty amazed with how a group with the total numbers that we (Havoc and Plague family) had, how awful the level of support and participation was. Too many people looking out for #1 vs the team and so many were just being picked off one by one. I'll take a smaller more efficient alliance any day than a mega one that doesn't work well together.

baby bear

you got that right!! its better not having to deal with deadweight and just concentrate on killing!! id rather have 20 really active players vs 50 part-timers