HaVoC and PiD

Big news today from Rho. Members of HaVoC have decided to join in the ranks of PiD. HaVoC founder Grevel came to me asking for a merge, as he does not have time to lead the alliance, and didn't want to hand leadership off again (he was the 3rd person to have leadership handed off to). So we talked, and PiD agreed to take in the top 15 HaVoC players (not 15 in points but the 15 best players there). A-O has been offered the next 15, and the rest can either join other alliances or get swallowed. This merge will completely solidify PiD's hold over Rho, while giving them control of another ocean. The guys that came over are a great group of active fighters, and PiD welcomes them with open arms.


King David II

We might kick out all the bad players from PiD and have the best players from AO join. :p
I have no idea what will happen, way too far off


yeah, I was just wondering if you guys thought about it, or would just wait a year and see how it plays out, you still got a while before wonders

King David II

No MacTovish just because you named your one man alliance the NFL doesn't make you "The One"


Prunk in Drublic is good alliance (best) because control center of world. Do not understand what is Prunk or Drublic. Tranlateor just say same thing, no translate.


I find it funny that people still think PiD is the best alliance, they are decent but I doubt they last 3 more months. No alliance has ever gone against me and won (yes I know that is cocky but is also the truth). I could almost feel bad for all the players who betrayed their original alliances to spy for and then join PiD since they will get rimmed in the end and made to quit like so many other noobs within PiD.


It's a good thing there are so many 'inactive noobs', O mighty alliance slayer, or you'd only have 30 cities like myself and the other peons and not 50 or whatever gaudy number it is that you're up to. You're good man. Your guys are good too. Well, dez is anyways (haven't been directly on the receiving end of his nukes quite yet but have the support tickets from... AN INACTIVE CITY lols), and I know first hand the RoS guys are exceptional players and actually pretty funny guys. Let's just keep it respectful. Beat my brains in for all I care (come n get me) but don't slight my men.

If we last 3 months, that is a severe failing on the Federation's part.. because 26 on 1 isn't a war. It's a mugging. We could take any of these alliances one on one, or even 3 on 1.. (with maybe the exception of VL/Empire/RoS.. the cream of the Federation crop if you will) and we are holding our ground even with these unbalanced, Vegas longshot odds.


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Mac nice to see you here. Speaking of the ONE. I remember you were a one man alliance for the longest and I think you made it to like the top 10 or 20 players like that. Did RL get in the way of your grep?

Edit: should've clicked to the second page before posting LOL, but I have to say that Blhazin just took the cake for the boldest statement EVER! I look forward to seeing if a 12 million point alliance can be rimmed in 3 months
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