Gummy Bears



Gummy Bears

Cute. Cuddly. Yummy.

My Experience
Hello, my name is Swamp-Fox. I'm the founder of Radioactive in Juktas which right now remains rank 1. In the game I've gotten up to 100 cities and have been playing since .en zeta.

-Must be active
-Skype is highly recommended but not absolutely required. If you don't have skype it's a easy free download. We only do skype texting
-Must have had have at least 20,000 pts at one point.
-Must have had have at least 50,000 bp at one point
-Must be loyal.
Please pm me with your stats and other stuff.

Member List
-DuB Colis
-King David II
-nikki piks
-Roaring Whisper
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Aka oliver will be joining us around july, if he even holds out for that long. thisisgrepolis

Naw.. im saving myself for a summer world
did you even last 12 hours on this statement?!?!
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Oliver Clothesoff

no.. i joined your alliance today at 9:11 in the morning.. server time

my post was from yesterday at 9:52 am lol your times are all off.. detective

And stop spamming the cuddly gummy bears!

edit: no fair you edited your post lol