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Hello forum goers/forum admins,

I have a question about the Grepolympia. Last year, I was around as well, and I enjoyed it quite a lot, so, when I saw the banner pop up we'd be having another Grepolympia, I got excited, dusted off the wiki, and read up which units were the best to create (besides Manticores/Erinys), and prepared myself for a good 4 weeks of fun.

However, this morning when it was launched, I was surprised; the wiki was way off from what swordsmen give as experience. They are said to have 30 slots, and give 28 experience per swordsmen during the Hoplite Race (speed 2); however, now it has 20 slots, and gives 20 experience


If there were going to be changes, I would've appreciated either an announcement, or see the wiki being adapted to the new format. So, my question is; Why change something that worked just fine?

I'm not a big fan of chariots, but sure, I'll research them to get those few extra points I can get. But there are also newer , smaller players here, that will be at a severe disadvantage; you're not going to tell me a 2k point player will be able to produce 8 chariots every 2 hours without severely getting behind on his polis progress. and building 20 swordsmen/hour, seems to be a complete waste if you look at the points they give.

So, once more; Why was the Grepolympia changed without any notice? And what's the purpose of it?:\


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The values for training points are relative to the game speed (formula: training points/game speed).
The amount of units per training slot is also relative to game speed (formula: units*world speed).
What was the speed of your world last year? What speed is your world this year?


What was the speed of your world last year? What speed is your world this year?
Alpha: speed 2
Xi: speed 2

I've read the wiki, I understand what it says. Divide points given by game speed, multiply ammount of slots by world speed. However, neither of the two seem to fit the current situation: dividing the points swordsmen give by 2, would give 28/swordsmen, not 20. Multiplying the ammount of slots by 2, would give 30 slots, not 20.

I retract my statement all values are way off: it appears to be just the swordsmen that are not the way they were last year during the hoplite race
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Yes,it is also awesome how they got the "Land Expansion" prize at the shop.

But it takes 2 days to get it again. DARNIT