Grepolis Update 2.288

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Changelog 2.295

Dear Community,
here's all the info you need for our next update!

Grepolis will be updated to 2.288 on Wednesday, August, 6th.

New Features and Changes

  • Introducing a new Mobile User Interface, be sure to checkout our devblog for more news in the upcoming days.
  • Improved the warning when replacing a higher power on a city, now including the names and levels for current and new power.
  • Added text to the "transport ships" tooltip reminding that an upgrade can be researched.


  • Some characters from alliance names were not displayed correctly in the notifications.
  • Now adding units to the simulator from a forwarded report will add the correct units.
  • Added missing icons to quest re-roll buttons.


Happy gaming and best regards,
Your Grepolis Team

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