Grepolis Update 2.265

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Changelog 2.265

Dear Community,

Grepolis will be updated to 2.265 on Wednesday, June, 22nd. As usual please expect that there may be some downtime as the update is applied.

Relevant for Beta testing: User Story Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • Reports: The support report is now aligned correctly.
  • Attack Report: Fixed a bug where in some cases the text strings were too long.
  • Translation: Fixed an issue where the Soldier's pride effect was not correctly translated into the different languages.
  • Bandits Camp: Fixed a bug where the displayed travel time was wrong. The travel time should now be displayed correctly according to the actual travel time of the units.
  • String Correction: The string for attackable cities during last stand was adjusted. It now states that all cities will be attackable.
  • Invite Links: Fixed a bug where sometimes the invite links produced an error 404.
  • Construction Cost Reduction: The construction reduction premium button is not clickable anymore as long as the queue is full.

Additional User Story Improvements

  • Hybrid App: Players can now change both their world and market in the world selection screen.
  • Hybrid App: The screen size reduction for hybrid app has been reversed in order to optimize the UI.
  • Divine Trials Event: Several features and improvements for the new upcoming 1-week event were added.

Additional Bugfixes

  • Hybrid App: Fixed an issue where the dragged element was way too far from finger position and the dragging looked and behaved weird.
  • Rota Event: Fixed a bug where the Wheel of Fortune announcement was not translated.


We would love to hear your thoughts and feedback on the 2.265 update here

Best regards,
Your Grepolis Team

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