Grepolis Update 2.264

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Changelog 2.264

Dear Community,

Grepolis will be updated to 2.264 on Tuesday, June, 8th. As usual please expect that there may be some downtime as the update is applied.

User Story Improvements

  • Forum Threads: Players can now edit and adjust their own thread titles.
  • Smart Numbers: Only 5+ digit numbers are now converted into smart numbers. The numbers in the wall screen are not shortened anymore. The losses in the reports are also not shortened anymore.
  • Divine Trial Event: Several features and improvements for the new upcoming 1-week event were added.


  • Recruitment overview: Fixed an issue where Spartoi and Ladon were not fully or not displayed at all. Both units should now be correctly displayed.
  • Recruitment overview: Resolved an issue where "Wrong format input" tooltip was displayed for "MAX" units when hovering over. The tooltip will not be shown anymore.
  • Adjusted the tooltip of the population for Divine sign and patroness. Every tooltip should now show the same amount of information.
  • UI adjustments: Fixed a layout issue of the village overview.


We would love to hear your thoughts and feedback on the 2.264 update here

Best regards,
Your Grepolis Team

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