Grepolis Update 2.243 Discussion Thread


I think you are wasting your time with cosmetic fixes that nobody really cares about, and you should instead be dedicating those resources to the one thing that would truly improve the player experience: reviving the dying player base.

1. Curb premium abuse
2. Invest in new player acquisition
3. Enforce rules and uphold standards of fair play

But you clowns won't do this, will you? Instead we'll get.... fluff... while the next world will barely have 100 active players.


Why make update to the old worlds? It was logical to make changes from the new ones.
World Byblos. Killed 18 Ladons in an attack. That was a full. Not only that, it was already a small army in attack after the upgrade, there was no free population to build. Also the free population of 85 came back, not 180 as it was built.Where do I have free population now and why is the rebuilt city now 1670 inhabitants?
The developers were happy to create a new mythos with big fists and fast feet. Even too much.
But to check on the beta server, and then put in the new worlds did not have the patience. Now update and Ladon with small feet, small fists, but with a big head - build it for 490 favors. This, too, should have been reduced in proportion to the decrease in population and cost in resources.
Is that balanced for them? Ridiculous.

It's a world with +30% to ground troops, except for mythic creatures. Probably to balance out Ares' strong troops. Okay. Now what do we do with it after the update?
Developers need to turn on their imagination as well as their head.
And return the free population to the cities after the death of the Ladons.
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As of update 2.243 / Ares re-work, there really isn't any substantiated reason why US100 still has the server buff active. To my understanding, the server buff was intended to supplement Land Unit defense, so that Ares Army couldn't change tides as drastically.

After patch 2.243, EN has removed the server buff entirely, as it's unproportionate now that Ares has received a re-work.

While attacking a siege with mythical units, they would trade 1:1 population (~not very effective for a siege break).

Ares Army:
- Has lost 60% offensive capability as of update 2.243, losing 60,000 blunt attack.
- Not as regeneratable, as 'Bloodlust' has been re-worked / removed.
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