Grepolis Update 2.213

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Changelog 2.213

Dear Community,

Grepolis will be updated to 2.213 on Wednesday, May, 13th. As usual please expect that there may be some downtime as the update is applied.


In this update, our developers continued work on the Large and Olympus phases for our upcoming Beta launch of these stages. We also fixed some bugs with the app, and finalized some technical enhancements we've been working on in the background for some time.


  • The description of the Illusion spell is now the same on the browser and app versions of the game.
  • The markers for valid Domination islands will again be shown on both the browser and app version.
  • Siege's on ghost towns will correctly use a city slot during the siege process, and not just after the siege completes.

We would love to hear your thoughts and feedback on the 2.213 update here

Best regards,

Your Grepolis Team
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