Grepolis Player Council Chat


Player's Council
The Grepolis Player Council for EN and US would like to invite you to our GPC Discord chat to discuss together various topics such as spam, improvements for the app, events and the new Domination endgame or any suggestion you have. We can share your ideas with the other language markets' representatives in Inner Council and even take them to the Grepolis Developers. We will also post updates about Player Council's work and keep you informed on what's coming next in game or what other markets suggested.

The forum will remain the primary tool for official communication - don't worry if you could not participate in the chat, you can still read weekly updates about what we discussed in Council News.

General server rules

Players who deliberately act against the building of the community will be denied access to this chat.

Please keep in mind that this Discord server is in no way affiliated with Innogames or the Support system, in case of complaints or questions contact any of the chat administrators.


Is GPC Discord available for all devices?

Discord has a browser version and is also available both as desktop and mobile app (Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux).
Due to server security measures you need to have a verified Discord account (e-mail address confirmation required).

Can I invite players or chat bots to the GPC server?

Member generated instant invites are not allowed, nor are chat bot invitations. Please use the official invite link and consider Rules about chat groups when posting or sending the link.

Who are responsible for moderation?
The server administrator(s), all currently active EN / US Player Council members - disputes should be handled with them.
Innogames is not responsible or liable for this chat, do not own nor moderate it and is not accountable for any ongoings within.

Can chat users see my personal data, send direct message or add me to their contact list?
Only your account name / server nickname is visible for anyone else, e-mail address is hidden. As for default settings direct messages and contact requests can be sent, you may disable that in Settings > Privacy & Safety.

Do I get notifications for all messages?
Only @mentions will notify. You may mute the server or change this in Settings > Notifications.

Why can't I post / see my message?
If your message shows as red there is a connection problem - try to post again, otherwise we have automatic moderation to filter inappropriate content, profanity and such.
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