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Grepointel is not managed by Innogames. I am sorry if their site is not updating but we have no control or say over it. If there is a problem between their site and our data, I am sure that the site owner will contact the correct people (which is not me) and between them they will work it out.

If it was just grepointel that was down, I may believe that, but it's grepo stats as well. All happened immediately after your last update. Not a coincidence at all. This is a serious issue and you guys need to take seriously, the game changes SO MUCH without these sites and lets just say, not in a positive way, I don't even wanna keep playing if it's not coming back and as a premium user, you guys don't want that. I will request all my $$ I spent on gold to be refunded also. Cause when I bought it, you had a functional game... Without the data being fed properly to those sites, game is unplayable in my opinion. So fix!! Please!!! are u trying to make a pay for intel site? Cause if so, you'd never come close to the functionality the other two sites have for free and you guys are gonna regret this bigtime when tons of ppl leave to play other games online! Give us back our intel site ;( please! thanks akbrjg - beta


If it is an Innogames site, we would fix it. We cannot do anything about sites that do not belong to us. Please contact the site owners and they know who to deal with for us.


Thank you for the tip about the server name. It was wrong and I've updated the data manually. If you notice it has changed back send me an email and I'll have to try another fix.

Grepointel is not managed by Innogames. I am sorry if their site is not updating but we have no control or say over it. If there is a problem between their site and our data, I am sure that the site owner will contact the correct people (which is not me) and between them they will work it out.

Daedalus, Could you help me with finding out the correct person to reach out to? If you look at grepostats they also aren't having data changing and they only grab updates once a day.

It appears that the US servers are the only ones where the published files aren't changing. I will reach out to my EN contacts but if you have someone on the US side that can help that would be excellent.


The files that are being published now are updated. Thank you Inno for resolving this issue :)


As I mentioned on the en forums, the hosting account seems to have been suspended.


I'm not sure what the problem is but I can't seem to upload any data. I follow the instructions correctly, I think, and after I've done everything to say upload a report I get a second tab opened to my GrepoIntel account and the screen will say uploaded claim (for example), but then when I go to view uploaded claim data there is nothing there.

Can anyone help me?

p.s. I've tried in IE, Chrome and Firefox and all give me the same result


i have just logged on to Grepo Intel. first it says i have to get a confirmation email but that never arrives. so i try logging on .. and it gives me more errors saying that i am already logged on. oookaaaay ....

i am now trying to use it but it just keeps giving me more 'junk'. i am trying to look up the information for US 5 - Hyperborea. every time i try to set the world and server for that then it jumps to en.alpha - the first in the list. it won't give me any information for Hyperborea.

so exactly what am i doing wrong? i seem to have hit every bug there could possibly be.

totally disgusted with Grepo Intel.

it seems to me to be a useless tool. i have been trying to find information about US - Hyperborea and US - ETA... no go ... it's about as difficult to find the right world and get it to stay on the world as a lesson in extreme frustration.

let alone a map or anything else. i couldn't get anything to work unless it was on the Alpha world that was at the top of the list.

so cannot figure out why this is supposed to be useful.


You are probably doing it wrong. Here is a map for Eta, here is one for Hyperborea. Try setting it again. If it doesn't work. Type the world you want into the address bar, replace en1, with us5 or us8 or whatever you want.

Grepointel is a great tool. It's intel can be a little unreliable at times, but overall, it is one of the best tools you will ever find on Grepolis. So don't 'diss' it.


How come you've listed yourself as grepointel instead of wansyth? :p


Because not everyone knows who wansyth is so I thought it would be easier :p

All the account troubles I was having a while ago have been resolved. If you every have trouble with the site being down please email me (on the front page) because I don't always know that its down so a reminder would be great.

Uploading issues were debugged and tweaked as listed in my change log...

PW96: I'm sorry you're having trouble with the site. If you could send me a message with some more specifics around what you're having issues with I'll do my best to fix them. There once was a time where I required people to confirm their email accounts but I removed that. What page did you see that message on? I'll fix that asap.

As for the server. On the top right of every page there is a server drop down. Make sure yours is displaying US. If it is showing anything else this will cause you lots of issues.

I do like to keep it as user friendly as possible for all languages so if you have suggestions on how to make it better please email me. I check that more often than I do these threads.

Thank you all for helping me keep the site running as bug free as possible :D


I will admit I used to prefer grepostats over this for a very long time, but then gradually I began to switch and wish I did it earlier :D. I still use grepostats only for checking previous alliances but other than that grepointel beats all :)


This looks like a great tool to use. I have to read up on it some more I hope its not to complicated.


The site has been down for more than 12 hrs. Is there a problem or is there up-grades taking place?