GrepoIntel - When you really want to get hardcore...


GrepoIntel is a one stop shop for everything grepolis and is a great alliance planner that updates hourly.

Generic Features - No Account Required

  1. GrepoIntel is a site devoted to the game Grepolis created by InnoGames GmbH.
  2. All EN, DE, NL, ZZ, IT, FR, GR, ES, RO, SE, CZ, PL, PT, HU, SK, DK, RU, NO, JP, KR, BR, TH, TR , US worlds data collected hourly. New worlds Added within hours of them being created.
  3. Scoreboard
  4. Player & Alliance tracking features
  5. Player & Alliance search
  6. Player alliance changes
  7. Player conquers
  8. Grepolis World Stats
  9. Top Killers reporting

Account Required Features (free)
You must register for an account and activate with your email to see all the handy features that this site has to offer. This site has Grepolis Stats and much much more.
  1. Alliance wide tool (setup intel sharing group for alliance)
  2. Time on Target: Allows for planning of offensive actions and defensive countermeasures. If intel is uploaded about any of the cities it will display here too. If running reports on your own cities make sure to upload intel about yourself. Allows multiple tabs for grepolis.
  3. Target Planner: A tool for finding all cities (friend or foe) within the desired range for identification of players to include on operations.
  4. Inactive player finder / Ghost City Finder
  5. Displaying Greys / Ghosts by ocean (includes BB codes)
  6. Record information about your cities (can be kept private or shared with those in your group)
  7. Record information about your enemies by manual upload or 'automatic' uploading enemy attack reports/ supports landing on your cities (cs) / spies
  8. Bookmark Uploading Tool (Manual Uploading also available) Directions
    1. Record information about your enemies enemy attack reports/ supports landing on your cities (cs) / spies
    2. Upload command overview (Admin required) Filter by player or Target
    3. Upload CS on enemies and in your cities to help coordinate defense/offense
    4. Upload wall before and after an attack to easily calculate what you've killed
    5. Upload City Claims
  9. Signature creator preview
  10. Advanced Grepolis Map includes several other features
    1. Possible World Wonder locations
    2. Highlight cities for ops
    3. City Overview information
    4. Link to grepolis (jump to city)
    5. Displays uploaded city information
  11. Group Command Viewer for fast communication of exact landing times of all attacks/supports (Detect's CS)
  12. World Wonder Island information
  13. Detailed City information including hourly point changes
  14. Compare conquers between alliances

If you have any questions/suggestions please contact

I am always working on making the site more useful.


It does come highly recommended by players I know on .EN.


I haven't used it before but it seems like a good site for intel on different servers and players :)


This is highly, highly, oh so highly recommended. It's a great site :)


I like the pre-BB-coded tables of cities myself, very useful.


I'm glad so many of you like the site. I too like the BB code feature. It was a great suggestion from one of the users of the site so make sure if you have any suggestions for additional features to let me know.

I freely admit I don't think of everything :)


o.o its the guy! look everyone!!! its that grepo intel guy!!!


I think the Grepostats is better!

But if I write, I see the, but the website's name is us....


Yes it does it's at the bottom of the list... I guess I could make it alphabetized... but wheres the fun in that? lol