Grepo-Life Balance


Hello all,

I've jumped into Hyperborea and have set up an alliance with a purpose. Below are the details:

Grepo-Life Balance is the alliance name and the mission.

Alliance Leader: Nick Papageorgio97. Veteran Grepolis player who won a crown in Delphi with Legion Of Death.

Mission: Have fun and play with other veteran players who want/need a balance between Grepolis and real life.

1) Create awareness for InnoGames that some players want/need a balance between Grepolis and real life.
2) Work together to convince InnoGames to revisit the casual world concept (that they had in their 2014 road map) with the hope that they introduce a casual world in the future.

1) Played in at least one other world.
2) Provide player and prior world name(s) for background check.
3) 1,000 point minimum.
4) No drama. Be loyal. Have fun. Be cool. Real life is top priority.
5) Be as active as time permits.
6) Support alliance and pact members.

Message InnoGames requesting a casual world (which was in their 2014 road map).

Send Nick Papageorgio97 your diplomacy inquiries.

Preferred Location:
Core ocean is O33. Will consider applicants outside of O33 under the right circumstances. If you are not currently in Hyperborea, but are interested in playing with us, please try to get as close to us in O33 as possible.

Future Plans:
While I'm committed to the Grepo-Life Balance mission and vision in Hyperborea, plans are in the works to launch a pre-made alliance in a revolt world later in the year (probably fall) with several other veteran Grepolis friends of mine who are interested in playing after the summer. My hope is to perhaps continue the Grepo-Life Balance concept in a future revolt world this fall if there is enough interest. I will continue to play in Hyperborea as well as long as there is continued interest.

Final Notes:
If you support the mission and vision of this alliance, and would like to join, please consider messaging Nick Papageorgio97 in game (Hyperborea world). Even if you don't wish to join, please consider messaging InnoGames requesting a casual world. Thank you in advance if you do so.
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