Grepo App for Android Phones

Daenerys Stormborn

R.I.P. Grepolois Toolbox 1.0.9 - by far the best mobile app they created, allowed you to switch between cities seamlessly, read BBCodes, read your own forum... no "pretty" graphics or sounds, but when you're in the middle of a war that's been going on for over a year, who cares about that. Now with the new app, you can't help others, can't trade to your own cities... heck, I can't even read my alliances forums. Definitely a huge step backwards, but I suppose those "pretty" graphics will get new members... although, inevitably it may lose others.

Bring back my toolbox!! Sure there could have been more updates, but as it was 3 days ago was worlds better than this new app. Completely useless to anyone with more than a handful of cities IMHO.


anyone else having issues with the mobile app and attack alarms? I had to reinstall my mobile app.. and am not getting alarms now. This bites the big one!!