Greetings and Salutations!


Greeting and Salutations to all within the vast lands of Grepolis; whether ye be king, knight, jester or knave.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank ye, the populous of these great worlds, be ye a novice or expert, for giving each world its uniqueness and energy.

I am Antz2013, or if you prefer Antz. I am the Server Administrator for the US server. I invite you to join us in celebration of a new era as our new Community Manager, Medic911 or Medi, begins the perilous task of leading our server into the future.

We appreciate your feedback on the path that we are leading, be it good or bad. We ask for ye understanding in that while all suggestions may be considered not all may be accepted.

In the forums, we are amused with the daily boasting, challenges, quips and general banter. I would remind all that there are those knaves out there that sometimes fail to recognize that not all comments are appreciated and we have a team of dedicated volunteers that risk those verbal battlefields to right those wrongs. If you find a comment that you think needs to be reviewed, please hit the ‘report’ option for the comment.

The Grepolis Wiki team are working hard to keep the wiki information current, however considering the large mass of information, gaps do happen and if ye note any, please let us know at

The In Game Support Team is also busy answering your questions and finding those knaves that consider the rules inconvenient. We thank and appreciate everyone that assists in finding these knaves however please remember that the support team needs to use the support tools to prove those dastardly deeds, which is not as easy as it sounds. Keep in mind that knowing a knave is ignoring a rule and proving it are two very different things. You can get hold of the support team with support tickets at


US Server Admin