Gravitational Pull

Lee Sin

I don't know what you are talking about because I got NO support from the alliance when I was being conquered

Also we did have a link that no one used because they didn't look
if the people in your alliance do not respond, it's probably your fault for recruiting these people

Kuro Okami

I still, to this day even if I use Gold, dislike people who use Gold excessively but in order to play this game we need them.

Other than that off-topic discussion.. GP died quick which sucks and some of us (like myself) joined the world and got the wrong cardinal direction (they went SE, I went NW). If I actually didn't go that direction and actually read to go SE, we would be way better than right now.

That does suck Charl, it's like me on Tau where I got no support when I got conquered. :p


Not enough Gold users---First to Conquest
Abliblty to get to Conquest the fastest (much of this in .us unfortunitly goes to the gold users whereas in .en it is more skill based

I can stand arrogant players who are actually good at this game, and i can stand noobs who know they are noobs and ask questions to learn. However i cannot stand noobs who are arrogant and think they know everything like you Charl. Go play farmville, you might actually be good at it.

PS: The BB codes for this forum are broken, Innogames are noobs for using Vbulletin
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I love how Charl said he gave a link, you idiot you have to invite them TOOOOOOO the island, And I did use the damn link. Alot of good it did me, NOT one of my team was on it. What a waste, Jonorocks is right go play farmville, because you have NO idea what you are doing.


mstess quit slamming Charl, you got rimmed and by the looks of your DBP you barely even slowed them down from taking you over!
Leave Charls alone, he admits he was wrong so jono mind your own business and mstess DEAL WITH IT.


i agree with Ajax

if you guys put aside personal feelings, Charl does have some valid points, no gold users, GP was very spread out.

on the other hand yes, we had somewhat sloppy planning, but whose fault is that? i did what i was suppose to and ended up on a island with kdII. i think it was more or less what time people started and that the islands we were on/near were full.

but o well no need to flame war.


At least he pointed out mistakes he made. it is always harder starting in the core I have only been In one sucessful (top 3 at the end of the world.) alliance and they lost the world in the end to a core alliance. We started in the rim and I didn't get rimmed until more than 70% a year and a half of gameplay was acheived.bef Now as not so much a noob I joined an ally in the core several times and every time only a month of game play passes before I get rimmed or end up farmed to the point of 20 attacks per day. While on the rimI at most have to fight 1 alliance before controlling my ocean even if I started late. Now I am back on the Rim I guess that is where I belong.


join the new world

Dude stop crying about gold, it gets old fast.
how do i get into the new world the one i am in is full of either ghost towns or find new cities and you cant do anything more untill you can get a colony ship


King D,

I am interested in joining this alliance. My only question is what oceans are you recruting from. My apologies if i missed this information in the post already made.

Lee Sin

King D,

I am interested in joining this alliance. My only question is what oceans are you recruting from. My apologies if i missed this information in the post already made.

gp disbanded in november