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i want to start a new profile. Is there anyway I can move my gold from my current profile to my new one?

Thank you
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Only way I know of to transfer gold from one of your accounts to another is to ask another trusted player to trade it.

What you do is start a world with the account on which you have the gold, ask the player to join that wold and make gold trades with the player, so that the gold is now on their account.
Then, start with your new account on another world (this is important, otherwise that's multi-accounting and you'll get banned), have the other player join and trade the gold onto your new account.

Voilà, the gold is now on your new account. I can't stress enough that the player you are doing this process with has to be trusted beyond reproach.


I started yesterday and later found a quest that only required that I confirm my e-mail to get a reward of 100 gold. I did the confirmation, ilt was acknowledged, but I could never succeed in actually getting the gold - not that I am surprised. Surprising would be if someone could provide me with instructions that would work.