Ghost Pirates Epic Failure

Midnight marauder

Ghost pirates like to take in refugees. This started a war between all 4 factions of ghost pirates, and Marauders Map. Marauders Map was at war against Force of Naxos. When we opened fire on them it took a day to clear out everyone of their cities, and turn them into farms. After just 3 days of us beating on Force of Naxos they decided they had lost, and joined ghost pirates for protection. We didn't stop our fight we continued attacking force of naxos members that went to hide in ghost pirates. After a week of us beating on ghost pirates they decided they wanted to try to run an op against me. They sent everything they could at me, and failed miserably. they even gave me the culture to take 2 more cities.

In retaliation for their failed op we started planning out an op on them instead of just giving them a beating like we had been doing for a week. I knew they had a spy in the group so I kept the op details hidden in the council tab in the forum. 14 hours before the op started -Sub Zero- came asking for a cease fire. Along with this cease fire was a merger proposal. Sub Zero, and bawlz both realized neither of them are actually able to lead an alliance. So along with this merger proposal they asked me to lead ghost pirates in a war with havoc. I love a good fight, and a fight with havoc would have been a good one. So i took their proposal before the council in Marauders Map. After the council had agreed to a merger, and came up with a set of terms that had to be meet in order for the merger to happen it was then taken before the alliance. I told the alliance they could over rule the councils decision if the majority of the group voted against the merger. In the end we did merge with ghost pirates.

While in ghost pirates we found there is no active leadership. There is no team. There is just your typical MRA with a lot of members doing their own thing. There is a few members there that even resorted to name calling, and threats towards the leadership. I made it very clear to sub zero, and bawlz that they were kicked out, or we were leaving ghost pirates. So they lied to me again just like they did about everything else. Sub zero told me that banlakin35, and Kuro Kensei would be kicked from the alliance for their actions. Sub zero said he would kick them out when he got to a computer where he could. So I waited for him to get on a computer to do so. When he did he refused to kick them out so Marauders map left ghost pirates, and even eliminated 1 of the 4 factions of ghost pirates in the process.

Yesterday Ghost pirates decided to try to run an op against me again. I guess they didn't learn from their first failure. This time they gave me almost 20k dbp, and once again failed to take a city from me. Reports listed below in the order they came in start to finish. i will switch out the bb-codes for pictures later.



Not gonna lie they are setting you up for a hard fall. It is a tried and true Sun Tzu strategy in which you send a giant tickle monster after the enemy until they collapse into fits of laughter and have a heart attack. They they cant fight back. You watch if their entire alliance keeps attacking with such large waves of furious tickles you only have about 17 months to live.

-Sub Zero-

lol you old fat man ROY aka Midnight blooper :p funny how turtles work :) begging everyone for help and crying to everyone :) lolol.. lets see how long you last buddy, you will see a real op soon lets see how you can def you ppl in the rim :))) this just shows how confused and desperate you are :))) and btw we do know about your duel account in our alliance lol disgusting ;)


The only thing I have to say is GP has some exp players from other world MM seems to be an above average RIM alliance. GP is as of right now a WW contender (yes I know it is extremely early in game). Just stating the facts you guys might end up with a treaty/pact or you guys probably will either lose with time unless someone else like Hells Reapers, The Faction, NAF and/or Havoc join the war. Maybe if GP randomly disbands you guys might win but The odds are stacked pretty heavy against you.

Midnight marauder

As I hear your group with 171 members can't get rid of one person by them selves. You have to call on your allies to get rid of me. You don't see me crying. I'm happy as can be. You guys are just feeding me battle points. You want to call me a turtle as I recall I was throwing around attacks bigger then i saw from any pirate. Your just jealous of the fact i'm better at the game then you.


Portopolis I actually think the odds are about even right now. We have more active players then they do. However they have bigger ones as they have a months head start on us. Also I appreciate you stating that my alliance is an above average rim alliance. Most of our members are new players with this as their first server. So the lack of experience does slow us a little, but i have a good group of active team players. They are learning the game very quickly. The main thing is we are a group that will willingly help each other.
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This may be true (MM claims), but the smart thing for your alliance is to pact with them or Have an NAP until someone can join you in your war, I always root for the under dogs but you will end up outmatched that simple if GP completely focuses all their resources on you. Yes they seem extremely MRAish but some of their members from experience are very good at the game it is not like your going against all noobs.

Midnight marauder

I completely understand that. I will give credit where it is due, and some of their members are good players. I do get along with a few of them as well, and do not hold anything against those players even though we are enemies.


MM thank you for not attacking me like most players would and my reasoning for above average rim alliance is because your alliance and my alliance SMYN and AO(025) started at the same time and you have a better average than us although I would love to say we have the better players. (Antarius, srobs, uragwolf, Gear4War, foxxarino and dukedurso) just check duke's and fox's stats.

Doctor Fate

Sigh, Why is everyone always so Over Dramatic about this game.

Midnight marauder

I just put this out here to embarrass sub zero, and bawlz

Edit: I loved this attack another failed colony ship

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-Sub Zero-

lol fate, some ppl have nothing els going on in life :)

and Midnight Blooper, a lesson you need a lesson we shall teach!

-Sub Zero-

and btw ur a type of turtle that only protects your own self.. one by one your alliance is rimmed by end of this weak ~50% real-estate of your alliance will be ours! lets start with this 7k point city..

2014-09-14 13:08:04 46 Telin-tor 8 445|689 Telin-tor wj23 Ghost Pirates(new alliance) Marauders Map(old alliance) 7133 ( city Points)

Midnight marauder

so you got on city after close to 200 attacks. That isn't a good ratio for you. You will see our response to that soon enough.

Midnight marauder

Midnight marauder from the alliance Marauders Map has lost the city Lesson Learned to brandonfire2. today at 10:23
Midnight marauder from the alliance Marauders Map has conquered the city vaggobbler's city belonging to vaggobbler. today at 08:34
Midnight marauder from the alliance Marauders Map has conquered the city Grandkittens belonging to Exubu. today at 06:06
TempusLupus from the alliance Marauders Map has conquered the city Theta Muscae belonging to ravenwarrior123. today at 04:36
Doodah from the alliance Marauders Map has conquered the city Evesham belonging to legacy1205. today at 01:08
mattwinters1 from the alliance Marauders Map has conquered the city Napoli belonging to king bland. on 2014-09-14 at 22:26

i will give brandon credit he did finally manage to figure out how to time a colony to land during the red stage of a revolt. Seriously though brandon did get my main city while i was sleeping. However i sunk 10 colony ships from the pirates before losing 1 city, and took over 2 pirate cities last night. You guys gave me the culture for 4 cities, and lost 2 to get one. That is just with me. With the rest of my group you lost 5 cities last night. At that rate you might get somewhere like never.

-Sub Zero-

you may take our inactives and build them up for us, we are not architects here once you all build the city nice and chubby then we will want them back.. Repossession Agents coming for those keys for the city soon..

Kuro Kensei

you forgot to post all the reports of us taking cities from most of your other members and the reports of you guys trying to get Banlakin's and other ghost alliance cities that you keep dying on


GP decided to mess with SW. They saw what we and ASC did to Havoc. I dont know why they think they will win. They will not, even with their Number and Figure friends


ImmaG, I have seen what's happened to other alliances from the Asc/Sw group. We may lose, we may win. But losing doesn't concern me as much as not trying. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. There are 3 reasons why NaF attacked Sw.

1) Joshua said I sounded like a noob for my comments about the trash talk. Trash talk is fine. Being hateful and arrogant is a bit much. I still lose sleep over his comment :(

2) NaF wasn't invited to the napfest 2014 that was going on. That hurt our feelings. People say it's a smart strategy. Ehh maybe. But if a brand new player can start his city, look around, and say "If I nap with EVERYONE I can pick and chose my targets in safety" It doesn't impress me but I don't blame you guys for that. I blame the leaders of the alliances that accepted that strategy from you. Looking around I have to ask them "how'd that work out for you?" Now those alliances are gone with their strongest players joining you leaving the others behind. Or they've become stuck and can't end their association with you for fear of attack.

3) This was the main issue. NaF stayed out of your wars. We were recovering from our Leader quitting with no warning. We were minding our own business in our ocean. But then at least one of the Sw players was supporting against us. We have PMs confirming this and grepointel supports the bp and times.

Win or Lose, we won't be bullied or tolerate your interference.