Get rid of the Library

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This has to be the worst special building in the game and it's not even close. Who the heck has ever built a Library? In what possible situation is it better to have 12 extra research points than 10% extra population? Yeah the Lighthouse is under-used, and the Theater is for simmers, but the Library is for people who hit the wrong button when they went to construct literally anything other than what they built. If I take your city and it has a Library in it, I will send you resources to take it back.

I don't even care what the devs replace it with, I just think it's a slap in the face that special buildings have been so unbalanced for so long and that the biggest mistake of the bunch has never been fiddled with. I would be less upset if they had made literally any change to it. Up it to 14 research points for all I care, just show us you're paying attention to parts of the game that no one enjoys.

My suggestion would be to replace it with a building that improves all troop/navy recruiting in the city by 10-15%. As they say, speed kills, and I think this provides a nice alternative to the thermal baths obviously overpowering them.
I like your suggestion about a replacement for the Library. Having to choose between a larger army or a smaller army that can be rebuilt faster would be an interesting gameplay decision.

However, as underpowered as the Library is, it’s not the worst special building. At least it has SOME value. More research points is always better. Theoretically, there might be a situation where a city’s increased versatility would be more important than extra population.

The worst is the Oracle. I really can’t even imagine a situation in which I would be prefer it to any of the alternatives. If Innogames were going to start revamping special buildings, surely the Oracle should be the first one to go.