Gavaekohy sound bug


Don't know if others are experiencing this, and its not that big of a deal, but figured it was best to report.

One of my 8 farming villages "Gavaekohy" has lost all sound response. As in, when I demand or loot from it I no longer hear the little sound effect thing happen. I thought it may just be a fluke, so I logged out, shut down my browser, and launched it again and logged back in. Same thing. Still thinking it was a fluke, I just went to sleep and had everything off for a while. When I came back today, still same exact problem

All other sounds are properly working in the game and all other Farming Villages make the sounds fine. Literally no sound coming from Gavaekohy though anytime I demand or loot from it. I tested all other sound effects related to Gavaekohy and they all work fine too (clicking, windows, sending resources, etc..), BUT when demanding resources or Looting resources the 2 different sound effects it makes right when you click the button no longer sound for this city and this city only.

I don't know if we all see the same names for our farming villages and even if we do if they are all linked to the same sound effects from the servers or not. But if anyone else could test this, that would be the first step to trouble shooting this. Also for the debs, this might be a browser compatibility issue ? Though everything has been working fine since I joined the game about a week ago till last night when I first noticed it go out during a looting spree I was on. So IDK if something was recently updated that caused this or not.

I am on Mac OS Mavericks 10.9, Safari browser version 7.0 (all latest versions).




Ok, so when this happened, I had just expanded Gavaekohy to level 5. And it was the only village to be level 5. Now I just expanded another village to level 5 (Douky), and sure enough, it doesn't make its "demand" or "Loot" sound effect anymore either. So I have narrowed it down to that. Seemingly once a farming village gets to level 5 its Loot and Demand sound effect no longer make sound.

Now either the devs are meaning for this to happen, or its a bug that happens when any village gets to level 5.

Can anyone please verify this with me ? Also, can anyone of the devs let me know if this is suppose to happen this way or not ?

Thanks again :)


It's probably just something that happens to level 5 farming villages. I'm not sure, though. What world are you on?