Funny Messages


I just wanted to start another thread for this in this world since the other one seems to have gone off track.

I want to see what people have got.

This is all I have:

When I asked who the leader of this person's alliance was, they responded:

"not sure" :s

There is something wrong with that.
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*chuckle* "not sure?" Now ...there is an alliance leader showing promise.

I haven't had any hilarious messages. However, and I am now keeping track...
So far 4 alliances have asked our little band to merge with them with these words exactly...

"we will kick some a**". <---(insert 's' at your leisure) ...somewhere in their message.

I keep getting this image in my head of some jerk beating a mule into submission.
Folks, a word of caution, don't use that expression when trying to get someone to join you. Be imaginative.
Be 'Iron Age'.
Say instead, "We will kick some ax."


Oh I have many hilarious messages. Unfortunately I can't post them.