Greetings all,

I'm a french player so my english is'nt good!

I'll try to speak properly so no comment on my poor English.

I represent my team French-power consists of 4 players competent!

We browse multiple french world and we have proven ourselves repeatedly.

We come to the US server to try to win CHI.
We are only recruiting offensive players so
beginners refrain from contact me! (I have nothing against you but I do not want me immature players!)
Good game all.

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Best of luck to you. Glad to see some French players on the server!


Thanks men!

We hope mark CHI on the right way ^ ^

Meanwhile good game at all and long live CHI! and grepolis!!thisisgrepolis


That's what you think. Because as usual when a French alliance comes here, they miserably fail after two/three weeks. I feel ashamed every time this happens...

Anyway, good luck. You'll need it.


As said before we know for a very long time and have played several world together.

it is already two weeks that the alliance exists and not encounter too many problem set apart the demand for peace!

In fact we have already started our first objective, that is to say attack everything and anything.



We do not want to show us pretentious and arrogant to say that we will try to win chi.

A strength to several world we realize that no alliance starts and arrives at the end of the server with the same players!

We just are presenting you our goals and we want to show that those who already claim to the best in the world CHI have competitor!


Hello everyone, I am the third fondator of the French Power alliance, and I believe that my comrades slightly carried themselves.

We just wanted to present us as foreign players and to explain the concept of our alliance (4 players, at the beginning until the end).

Of course we don't claim to gain the world for the moment, we'll see how the things will evolve.

We dissatisfied some players because they were used as farm, they should'nt have well understood the concept of this game. In the meantime we are satisfied to advance and to make us recognize as good players.

It's with pleasure that I would discuss with you if you want (I would try hard to improve my English, promise ;) )

I wish you good game all, and good luck for the continuation:)

Cordially, Sylorus