Found a new city each time I log in Lapithos


Well, I did reset because I want to accept an invitation from a friend to go on his island (friend name: Panoramix123).
So, I have reset, and choosed to reset on some other world than Lapithos, in order to avoid the 7 days deletion time for an account (as I was unable to accept my friend's invitation because I am already in the world).

I saw that when I select Lapithos, I still can retry in this world, although I had previously chosen to restart in some other world. So I came with this idea that I could join the world, join my friend alliance, and then restart again to be offered (I hope) to restart near my friend.

But so now, I see I need to wait to get out of protection before restarting.

But now, each time I start in Lapithos, I am offered (forced!) to "Found a new city". So that my progression is lost (return with 3 building I think, level 1). My idea was to make my hero level up, while I wait to be able to get out of protection. I cannot attack other people on the island because they are too in protection mode.


I'm a bit confused on what you're saying, but if you want to get out of BP, build up your temple to lvl 5 and change your god to hera. Build a harpy and you can attack someone off island to come out of protection.


Well, I was expecting the "Welcome to Grepolis!" with "Greetings mortal!" window to appear only the first time I enter the world. I now think that maybe you have to get to some level for it not to show... like maybe having a temple, don't know.

I was also under the impression that the buildings were reset to 3 buildings level 1: Senate, Farm, Warehouse, when I clicked the "found city" button of the "Welcome to Grepolis!" window. I think before, each time I was logging, I was reset to 3 buildings level 1... but now I upgraded Senate to lvl 2... and now when I log in back... Senate is level 2. So the main aspect of the bug (reset to 3 buildings of lvl 1 when logging in) is not reproducible anymore.

Edit1: Now that I have built the timber and the quarry to lvl 1, the "Welcome to Grepolis!" window does not show anymore. So it looks like now, I have a normal state account.

BTW: Thanks for the harpy trick to get out of BeginnerProtection!
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Rip Hunter

yeah, restarting brings you back to a 175pts city, and you start with the set BP duration for the world, also you get set back to a maximum of 3 slots..
not sure what the bug is supposed to be