For poops and giggles

I know it's not going to happen. Inno likes their money.

BUT, in the event they love us just a little bit, would anyone like to see a world (1 CQest and 1 revolt) that is:

Speed 4 (unit and time)
Gold Disabled
Pacts Disabled
Morale Disabled
Colonizations Disabled
Alliance Limit of 45
Shared Forums Disabled (help prevent coalitions and unofficial pacts/NAPs)
Winners are the team that controls the most area at End Game
*Defined by #2 alliance has less than 1/4 city count as #1 alliance)*

World lasts only 8 months.

I think it'd be great.

Rising Legacy

I wouldn't last 5 minutes due to how job is on my attention, but I'd join for the fun if this ever happened.


Why would Inno do a gold-free server? The only reason they do this game is to make money, because they're a business. A server without gold would be pointless for them.


There were a few good suggestions I saw back in the ideas forum thread. I wouldn't mind a buy in server where you pay a fee to join and get all admins for the duration with no instabuy.. but a world without gold... that wont happen.