For Moderate-HEAVY Gold Users!


OK so we are getting into the stage of the game where some people are working towards getting conquest researched and there are some people that play Grepolis non-stop and are vampires thisisgrepolis. Gold, official name is Premium, will come in handy in this stage, and in a later stage too, when you are constantly building CSs and you can't wait for 6 hours. This guide is to show the proper use for gold.


First of all, to obtain gold click on the gold coins at the bottom of your screen. The screen should then go to the list of advisers you can activate. I will explain their powers later. You can use gold to not just get you special benefits, but you can also cut the construction time for your buildings, troops, ships, and researches. You can even cut the amount of resources needed to construct a building by 25%. You can even extend the time that spells last, although it is not recommended. In my opinion, only use gold in these situations if you are building up a wall/academy/senate, if you are building a large land nuke or ls nuke, you need some quick CP, or if you are researching conquest and need it NOW.


This is about how to actually get gold. You get gold by either charging the amount the gold actually costs or by "earning" your gold. For me, the 600 gold package is good nuff, because I can activate the administrator, captain, and commander, and use the 300 gold for either CP or time reduction when I really need it. Oh by the way, here is how you "earn your gold"; you have to fill out surveys or questionnaires, or sometimes you have to sign up for crap or try some crap for 30 days, either way, like El Miliwhatshisface, it gets annoying. I wouldn't suggest doing it, unless you enjoy filling out surveys for 4 damn hours and only get ~100 gold. It's pretty much a pain in the ass, like El Milici*******.


Time for the part you all probably weren't waiting for, the uses for the advisers and my rating of them from 1-5. Hurray!

Administrator: Helps run your large empire by offering you the quickbar, your empire activity of anything that is going on, giving you extra construction slots, troop overviews, and offers you an organized look at your empire. Very neat for later in the life of Rho
Merchant: All he can do really is give you a 30% boost in resource production. Good for when you are starting out, not so great when we are constantly fighting someone.
High Priestess: She can do a little better than Mr Merchant, but not much else. She gives you a 50% boost in favor production and 20% boost in how your myth units fight. She is an upgrade over the merchant, but that is all.
Commander: This dude comes in handy when you got a couple land nukes to unload. He comes in handy later stages in the game, although the 20% boost is all he can do.
Captain: This is probably my favorite guy. I am more of a sea fighter than a land, so I like it when the captain is right next to me, as he gives my ships a 20% boost. I'm not a trading guy though but when I do trade, I always find the best options are a 3-4 hour travel time. Damn. Oh wait, I have DA CAPTAIN WITH MY SIDE, as he cuts trading times in half. He also lets you use the attack planner, to coordinate attacks, and gives you the farming villages overview. Basically, you can farm your villages with one click. Top banana


So in all, this is a guide to any and all gold users here and those occasional gold users. I hope this helped, because it took ALOT of work for me. So hoped you enjoyed, and as always if you benefited from this, +rep is appreciated. And now:


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I don't always use gold but when I do I always use merchant.
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