Open Competition Food Fit for the Gods

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Food Fit for the Gods

What did Artemis eat for dinner on the day Oreus opened. Pick 5 food ingredients and 1 drink from the following list. The dinner has been eaten so we have our answer.

Jackpot 6 correct answers 1000 gold for the first 5 players to post a correct answer plus a surprise token.

Further correct answers will all receive the surprise myth token as will players with 5 correct.

If there are less than 5 with either all or 5 correct answers then I will allocate prizes based on who has the most correct in the order they are posted.

On day one you have one free entry and you can ‘buy’ another by posting in the forum in any thread as long as the comment is sensible!

Then each day of the comp you may have an additional guess. No one can win more than once.

The competition will run from 29th Jan to 3rd February and winners will be posted after this. A player that guesses every day has 6 chances plus the forum post extra go.

Possible Ingredients:
Ambrosia, Honey, Olives, Roasted chicken, Roasted boar, Roasted Bull, Eggs, tomatoes, Aubergines, Yogurt, Figs, Oranges, Watermelon, Fish, cheese, barley.

Drinks: Nectar, Red wine, White wine, Coca cola, Water, Blood.

Please use the following template:
Artemis’ dinner 9th Jan 2024

Starter and main:


Post below. Your answers will be invisible to other users. If you wish to enter a 2nd time make a forum post in any forum and add the link to your answer. Don’t forget you have one extra entry every day.

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Remember guys you can have another try each day. I will also give you a clue as no one yet has all 6:

The winning combination only includes 1 meat dish......

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Ok guys winning combination:

Starter and main:
1. Ambrosia
2. Olives
3. Roasted Boar
4. Aubergines
5. Watermelon

1.Red Wine

As we seem to have no outright winners I will adapt the prizes slightly and go for the best combinations:

@Concordian 4+1 - 1000 gold plus token
@That Weird Guy 4 - 1000 gold plus token
@IonGrey 3+1 x 2 - i am only giving 1 prize per player but will make this 3rd as he won twice- 1000 gold plus token

@Barristan Smith 3+1 - 500 gold plus token
@Z Fire 3+1 - 500 gold plus token
@KoolKat 3+1 - 500 gold plus token
@DingBatticusFinch 3+1 500 gold plus token
@SgtSeeker 3+1 500 gold plus token

Selected at random to make up numbers with 250 gold:

@Tbom - myth token
@Kgreat - myth token
@Dbuildster - myth token
@Stevie Y - myth

Please message with the world where you want a token if you won. The gold I will add.

If I missed anyone who got 3+1 or higher message me

Well done to all those who took part.
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