First Roman Collection Contest

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Spartan Assassins event is at the door, and we have a contest worthy of a true Grepolian!
We know the Grepolis community love to compete, so now is the time to prove your greatness. Be the first one on your world to complete one of the armor collections and to unlock the First Roman Collection award. If you do so, you will be in a pool of 270 candidates to possibly own a unique Spartan Assassins picture.
After the event ends our Game Designers will draw 15 pictures for the winners!
So hurry up and be the best armor collector!

What you need to do:
1. Participate in the Spartan Assassin event and defeat the Roman troops.
2. Collect armor pieces.
3. Gather one full Roman Collection.
4. Receive First Roman Collection award- only the first player per world who collected the full armor gets the reward.
5. As a world winner get to the global winner pool.
6. Have some luck and get chosen by our Game Designers.
7. Receive your reward via mail.


The winners of the First Roman Collection Contest have been announced. You can watch the video here! Congratulations to the winners:

Pl43 – MarErt
Pl45 – Pinek99
Us37 – Aliradric
Us26 – meganpat
Ar4 – tanguete
Fr70 – Weevolf
Fr76 –abonxd
Fr62 – amau93
Fr77- wormki
Fr82 – leoxgmx
Dk21 - MichaelS
De7 – Ahaan
It36 – -AtTaCcAml-
It38- CLAUDIO 62
It27 – Alessandro-Galbusera
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