Farming Villages costing BP


Came back to the game after being away for a few years... but I just wanted to say that this new system of Farming Villages requiring battle points to conquer and upgrade is terrible. Absolutely 100% terrible. You're limiting player city growth, which is the biggest incentive in the game to keep playing, imo.

Personally, I am shocked to not see more posts about how awful this change was.


Welcome back beast :p

It was a debated change..., but from many aspects reasonable if you look at the bigger picture. You can get the necessary BP from the bandit camp for the first island and island quests offer much more BP than before for further islands even during beginner protection. We don't have to build land units on every island to conquer farms - it was time consuming to get and level up all, can specialize our cities and start farming as soon as we took the city, thus we are less vulnerable against players who were on same island for longer. It encourages players to fight more and open more farms as result. The villager's loyalty research gives more resources for 10-min farming than for 5-min farming, less advantage for cheaters.

Indeed it slows the growth at start if BP is hard to earn because you started on full blue island with a premade for example, but that's players' decision, what is more important protection of friendly players or growing faster / risk more.


What about players that already fought and balk at the idea of spending BPs on this garbage? :p


The bandit village does help get to the 2nd city, but after that, it takes the equivalent of 5 Victory Processions to build up the farm villages to max to get the resources need to build and expand.

Comparing the old villages to the new, there are a couple advantages, and lots of disadvantages.

With the old villages, you were limited by now fast you could research the required units, and then how fast they could be built. This sometimes required additional construction to get the research points, and the barracks up high enough. And of course you always ended up with a few extra units that you might not have wanted.

However, you also inherited any build up that had been done by others. So if you were on a full blue island, you could still easily get access to all of the villages, and the associated resources. And it was often a team effort to get the villages maxed out, for everyone's benefit. Also, alliance mates could provide resources to help you build up the units needed, or various island quests and nightly bonuses provided many of the required units.

With the new villages, you don't have the pesky extra research and orphan units. But if you end up away from the front lines, accumulating the BP required can be slow and painful. This is made worse with the recent change to only give fractional BP to alliance units (generally a good change, but this is a down side of the change).

Additionally, there is no other mechanism to get the BP required, other than battle.

While this is a war game, there is also the need/desire to increase (or at least maintain) the player population. This change has definitely put a damper on early growth of players, which will lead to frustration by new players, and reduced retention. The change from 8 to 6 villages, and the loyalty bonus are fine, but really have nothing to do with BP vs conquest of the villages.

A couple possible changes that would make these a little better would be to retain the villages a city has when it's conquered (maybe require reconquest due to change in ownership) - this would be similar to the old villages retaining their level, and just needing control reasserted. Also, allowing a different mechanism for conquest, maybe resource/attack related, similar to the old villages, would make it easier for smaller players to grow. The resource/attack size could scale with player size so that at some point, using BP might be cheaper. This would be similar to the scaled attack morale that's in place.

Lord Lavallin

The BP system makes it costly as The Farms remain yours even if LOSS the city and still yours but useless if no actiuve town on island, as in loss city, no longer on island but village stupidly remain yours but unfarmable

So, adding villages on your other islands costs a HIGH BP cause you say still have four owned on an island your no longer on
and cannot farm. you have to pay 100 BP for your "first" village on your new town elsewhere

It's absurd, the captain should have an "abandon village" option so one can abandon the villages on the island no longer have a town on and so the BP cost for new villages reset downwards

At least when we had to conquer, it was just a matter of building troops which was a lot easier then getting BP's

I've lost my main town, still own villages on an island I'm no longer on, BP cost to take a village on my new island is 100 BP
its just ludicrous that I still own villages on an island I have no active town on now, useless Things