Farewell Omicron

As many of you know I kinda fell off the face of the earth. Truth is i'm trying to push to get into Michigan State and hit the ground running in their political sciences program when I transfer. So I was rather tied down. Add this to work and social life and you get a hot mess sometimes. But a few aced tests later and i'm back to say farewell.

To everyone who made the game fun thanks for doing so sorry to have to make an anti climatic exit. You're all more than welcome to contact me on skype anytime i'm on friend or foe. :)


Well smilo, we have had good times and bad times ;). regardless you definately had an impact on this world for me. Take care and good luck at Michigan...go Buckeyes! ;)
Yes go buckeyes indeed because the Wolverines suck!

And aye if an account opens up down the line feel free to let me know if you can get it gifted properly. I'd love to make a come back and make up for lost time. :3

Lord Gruntie

Have a good one Smilodon, good luck with all future endeavors :)